Logan Paul spends $200,000 on 1st edition Pokemon Box, ends up finding one of the most rare cards inside

(Image Credit: Logan Paul/YouTube)
(Image Credit: Logan Paul/YouTube)
Modified 11 Oct 2020

In preparation for a charity stream, Logan Paul recently spent $200,000 on the 1st edition box of Pokemon trading cards. Logan Paul claims to have set a record on the purchase through heritage auctions with the whopping $200,000. He made some of that money back after selling individual packs within the box for $11,111.

There are a total of 36 packs of cards in a single 1st edition Pokemon box, and 12 of those packs are supposed to contain a holographic card. Logan Paul's goal for the stream was to pull at least one Charizard for the buyers. He shuffled the cards and assigned a buyer to each pack to make the packs as fair as possible.

Logan Paul spends $200,000 on 1st edition Pokemon Box, ends up finding one of the most rare cards inside

(Image Credit: Logan Paul/Youtube)
(Image Credit: Logan Paul/Youtube)

Shortly after the 1-hour mark of the charity live stream, Logan Paul opened up one of the rarest 1st edition Pokemon cards possible. He pulled the 1st edition Charizard that he was so highly anticipating.

Apparently, the card was slightly off-centre, and there was some slight damage on the right side. They gave the card a 9 rating, but still appraised the card with a guess of over $40,000 or even more. It may not have been a perfect one, but it was a huge find.

Logan Paul disclosed that a sponsor also paid him $50,000 for his charity stream. However, he said he was giving that money to a charity called NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The donation won't show up until Monday according to Logan Paul, and so far the goal is at $78,000 of $111,111 as of this writing.

It was only a couple of hours later that some huge Pokemon Trading Card news happened yet again. A 1st edition shadowless Charizard was put up on auction and was nearing the $150,000 mark, which is massive. Shadowless means no shadow on the art on the right side of the card image. It's one of the most rare cards possible.

The card ending up selling for $183,812. With the buyer's premium, the price was over $220,000, which is confirmed to break the record for the price of a single Charizard card. It was purchased by Logic the rapper himself.

Published 11 Oct 2020
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