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LoL: Griffin undefeated run comes to an end

Kuldeep Thapa
14 Mar 2019, 19:55 IST

Via LOL Esports
Via LOL Esports

In a turn of events, Gen.G hands Griffin their first loss of the season as they wiped them 2-0. Griffin has been dominating the LCK this season as the team was undefeated before the matchup. On the other hand, Gen.G has been struggling really hard as the team sits near the bottom half of the standings.

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Gen.G drafted Neeko for CuVee in the top while a surprise Vayne for Ruler. Griffin had some good moves in the early game getting the first blood. However few casual plays from Griffin led to some kills for Gen.G. This also delayed the game which was perfect for Vayne as she takes time to ramp up. A team fight broke near the Baron where Gen.G managed to get the Baron. Both the teams traded some objectives but Gen.G eventually closed out the game 1 of the series.

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Gen.G went for a similar draft in Game 2 with Neeko and Vayne in the team. The game 2 began on a similar pace with Griffin getting some early kills. However, Gen.G again managed to find few picks bringing them back in the game.

Tarzan managed to steal the Baron from Gen.G dragging the game longer. Again this situation favored Gen.G due to the Vayne which did eventually come online. Gen.G found a pick on Tarzan and this was enough for them to take the baron and eventually closing out the game.

Ruler was the shining light in both the games as he had carried on his Vayne. Peanut also had a decent showing which enabled the rest of Gen.G to thrive.

Griffin had been flawless this season smashing everyone in their way. They clearly seem to be the best team in LCK right now but it's important to keep your head straight. There are only a few matches left as we proceed towards MSI.

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