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LoL: New Quality of Life updates for Clash before official launch

Modified 01 Feb 2020, 13:18 IST

Clash set to get a lot of improvements before official release
Clash set to get a lot of improvements before official release

The 2020 season 10 is going to be a huge one for League of Legends and Riot games. 

They have a lot of events, skins, updates and champions planned for this year as a part of their 10-year anniversary, along with an update for Clash - which is set to be released officially in a few days' time.

The plans for Riot
The plans for Riot's 10-year anniversary celebration are well on their way

When Riot first did a Clash test run a few seasons ago, it was met with a lot of criticism as it was plagued with bugs and matchmaking issues.

Riot is set to rectify these problems before the official launch, and in yesterday's Dev Corner post, League design director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon explained the game mode’s future.

The planned improvements

1. Teams are guaranteed three games, even if they lose

Previously on the game mode, squads who lost early experienced “shorter than expected” tournaments, which had “unclear” ranked placements and rewards. 

Now each team will be given the opportunity to play three games even if they lose the first two. They will no longer be placed in a consolation bracket like in the last beta, and will have more chances to win and earn rewards.

2. Better portrayal of Clash information


The League client will now show Clash related information much more clearly. Certain features, like the timer (the wait before a match) along with a ‘distinction between different types of entry tickets’, will provide players with more information about their upcoming match-ups.

3. Free Clash tickets

During the Clash beta stage, most players avoided the game mode as they were having a lot of trouble finding a team.

However, Riot wants to encourage players to try the mode out, and they are even willing to give out free Clash tickets to players as a reward for their first event.

Still more improvements to be made

Clash to get improved rewarding system and matchmaking
Clash to get improved rewarding system and matchmaking

The League of Legends developers have promised to continue collecting feedback from players as they want to run Clash on a regular basis.

Meddler said that they would like to “ensure gaps between Clash weekends don’t feel too long.”

“We also want to avoid running tournaments so frequently that the potential player base is split over too many different days (leads to weaker competition and lower significance per tournament),” he added.

Published 01 Feb 2020, 13:18 IST
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