Lost Ark developers confirm upcoming roadmap and new classes, honing rates stay unchanged for now

Lost Ark developers have initiated some of the major issues to be covered in the upcoming future updates (Image via Lost Ark)
Lost Ark developers have initiated some of the major issues to be covered in the upcoming future updates (Image via Lost Ark)

Earlier on April 2, Amazon Games provided a list of issues with Lost Ark that have been identified as significant areas of focus for the upcoming updates. This follows in the wake of anger from players over some of the mechanisms introduced in March.

While the battle continues against bots, Amazon Games discussed plans for honing rates in the game.

The launch of Lost Ark on the western servers was a significant success. The game broke the threshold of more than a million concurrent players on Steam despite not being available worldwide. However, the initial feelings of euphoria have subsided as a list of issues have appeared.

The most serious among them are the fans' accusations, which have complained about the game becoming pay-to-win. The major areas of concern have been the introduction of T3 content and the low rates of honing materials.

It has made it difficult for players to reach the endgame, and the problem of bot accounts hasn't helped either.

Lost Ark developers point out major issues of players based on feedback

Amazon Games has updated another list of issues they've identified as major areas that need work. It appears that the honing issues persist despite the steps taken by the developers.

Honing materials

It's unclear, but as things stand, Amazon Games isn't changing the honing rates. Due to their low nature, this has been a significant complaint of players. The low rates make it incredibly difficult for players to level up to level 1370, which keeps them out of the endgame loop.


However, the developers have assured that they're still observing the players' stance. They have already collected feedback from some players, and it remains to be seen if there will be any changes in future rates.

The developers were also assured about providing more honing materials, making it easier for players to level up.


Many players have asked for the release of a roadmap for the game. There are several missing classes for starters from the Korean version that are still to be added to the Western release. Amazon Games has declared that it's putting the final touches on a roadmap.


The roadmap will contain glimpses of what's to arrive in April and May. There will be information about missing classes, new raids, and changes to the continent. A complete set of content won't be revealed together, and more will be added over the next two months.


The nature of Lost Ark makes it very susceptible to bots as players don't have too many risks if they get banned. Using bots can make the lives of the players easier, but it's an unfair practice. While legitimate players spend their time playing the game, bot accounts get it done independently.


The use of bots has led to problems for many players due to inflated gold prices. As a result, Amazon Games has made some strict moves recently. The developers have informed that the new system they have incorporated has reduced the prevalence of bot activities in the game.

Additionally, the developers will also bring some limitations to daily Steam purchases and other items. This will be done to reduce fraudulent activity between players in Lost Ark.

With the above information, what players can expect in the upcoming months is pretty straightforward. For the time being, an unchanged honing rate may not appease the players. However, more honing materials could improve the leveling up of the players.

As for the roadmap, it will be interesting to see which classes will be added in the coming days. Additionally, there has been mention of raids and updates to the continent, and it remains to be seen what changes Amazon Games brings to the game.

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