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Lucky Landing's second birthday: A trip down the OG Fortnite lane

  • Lucky Landing: A trip down nostalgia lane for old-timers.
Modified 02 Mar 2020, 20:42 IST

While most of the community is busy debating over the changes and additions to the game that have made their way to Lucky Landing in Chapter 2, Season 2, many folks have forgotten the nostalgia associated with the game.

March 3rd, 2020 marks the second birthday of Lucky Landing, which is arguably one of the best locations to have ever made its way into the ever-changing Battle Royale map of Fortnite.

The general look and feel of the area were heavily influenced by the Chinese/Japanese architecture. The items that were added as fine details also added to the whole Japenese vibe. The pink tree at the center of the location, the curved and sharp-edged rooftops and the dragon blowup mascot all fit in perfectly at the location.

Lucky Landing
Lucky Landing

The general consensus seems to hint that Lucky Landing wasn't exactly the most popular spot to land, especially among the Fortnite Sweat's, but was pretty popular among the players who were new or still in their learning phase.

The location had an ample amount of loot that would suffice at least two squads at any given point of time. Another drawback of the location was generally the distance of the location from the center of the map - unless players had white heals with them, it would become difficult to make it to the safe zone/circle without taking any storm damage at all.

With all that being said, looking back at it, Lucky Landing has now become an icon of nostalgia and what is now considered 'old Fortnite.'

For a majority of the players, the memories associated with the location are worth a hundred times more than the location itself. A ton of players who were new and still exploring the game in their early days were able to enjoy this map and have action-packed memories of landing here.

Their relative slump aside, in recent times, Fortnite seems to be making a comeback with their latest season. However, only time can tell whether this growth blasts through the roof or tumbles back down.

Published 02 Mar 2020, 20:42 IST
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