M416 or Scar-L: Which is a better gun in PUBG Mobile?

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PUBG Mobile is one of the most successful mobile games in India. It is a free-to-play Battle Royale (BR) game where the player drops into a barren island, scavenges for weapons and ultimately, eliminates all other players in the lobby to get the Chicken Dinner, or in other words, win the match.

However, it is not always that simple. After landing into a house or an open area, you may have to engage in skirmishes to find your way out. Typically, matches are full of ups and downs in such BR games, but that is what makes them interesting and full of suspense.

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Weapons in PUBG Mobile play an indispensable role in your survival, as a result. There are a multitude of weapons, and players are very flexible in their use of weapons, reflecting the circumstances of the match.

Gamers always debate over which gun is better. It all depends on personal preferences, but there are a few statistics to back up certain weapons. Today, we will compare the M416 and Scar-L guns in PUBG Mobile.

M416 vs SCAR-L: Comparison without attachments

Image Credit: Artstation
Image Credit: Artstation

M416 is a far more stable option than SCAR-L. The vertical recoil sets SCAR-L far back from M416, as during the spray, the latter is not able to control shots. The M416, on the other hand, does a pretty good job at containing the recoil of the gun and deflecting very little from the target. The rate of fire of M416 is also significantly higher than the SCAR-L.

M416 vs SCAR-L: Comparison with best attachments

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

M416, with the Angled Foregrip, is a deadly combination. There is almost no recoil and the rate of fire offers tremendous value. There are also a lot of attachments for SCAR-L, but Half Grip is the best one. It decreases the weapon's vertical and horizontal recoil, and improves recoil recovery time of the weapon. This makes SCAR-L a great choice too, though spraying is not possible with this loadout.

Final Verdict

Overall, M416 is a better weapon to use than SCAR-L in PUBG Mobile. But that does not make SCAR-L substandard, as it is comparatively a more solid choice for close range encounters. This makes it a viable choice as well, and it all comes down to personal preferences of the gamer.

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