Meet HasanAbi, the top Twitch streamer who is not a gamer

Meet HasanAbi (Image via Twitch)
Meet HasanAbi (Image via Twitch)

HasanAbi, whose real name is Hasan Dogan Piker, has recently emerged as the most-watched streamer on Twitch.

According to, HasanAbi has beat competition from some top Twitch streamers such as Loltyler1, xQc, and Shroud to emerge as the most-watched Twitch channel of the past seven days. This is despite the fact that Hasanbi is not a gamer, unlike most of the names on the list.

HasanAbi is mostly a ‘Just chatting’ or ‘IRL’ Twitch streamer who occasionally plays games such as Fortnite and COD: Modern Warfare. Considering that Twitch has traditionally been a video-game streaming platform with most top performers popular due to their gameplay, HasanAbi’s achievement is all the more impressive.


Twitch streamer HasanAbi emerges as the most-watched streamer on the platform

Overall, HasanAbi can be described as a Twitch streamer and a political commentator, which automatically makes him one of the most unique streamers out there. Streamers who have, in the past, been able to distinguish themselves from the masses have done well on the platform. HasanAbi is one of them.

Until January 2020, he worked for “The Young Turks”, an American liberal and left-wing news and opinion show on YouTube. Since then, he has been an active left-wing political streamer and appears in various political mainstream media and podcasts. This has allowed him to garner huge popularity on the platform,

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What is even more interesting is that unlike most other streamers that you see in the list of popular streamers, HasanAbi does not even have a million followers. Currently, his Twitch channel has around 792k followers, which suggests that a high number of his followers watch his channel on a very regular basis.

Over the past seven days, HasanAbi has garnered more than 5.3 million viewing hours on Twitch, with a peak viewership of around 150,000.

While much of his success is due to his political commentary, he has, in the past, gotten into trouble for it as well. HasanAbi was caught on camera suggesting that “America deserved the 9/11” attacks. The clip of him saying this brought him widespread criticism even if his comments were taken out of context.

However, the recent statistics suggest that HasanAbi is well and truly past the controversies, and his recently packed stream schedule has begun to pay dividends.