"Metacritic is a garbage website!": Horizon Forbidden West players lose their cool over the game's 88 metascore

Horizon Forbidden West's rating hasn't gone down well with fans (Image via Guerilla Games)
Horizon Forbidden West's rating hasn't gone down well with fans (Image via Guerilla Games)

February has already seen some significant releases, and Horizon Forbidden West belongs at the top.

The 2022 release is a direct sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, and the first receptions have been extremely bright. The game contains everything from beautiful graphics to a solid story and has duly delivered on the promise.

While there have been bugs and optimization issues in minor senses, there hasn't been any news of game-breaking bugs so far.

With the first 66 critic reviews lodged, Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) has a Metascore of [88]:…"Horizon Forbidden West is a masterpiece. With a gripping story and a world ripe for exploration, you won't be disappointed." - God is a Geek

Given the quality of the Horizon Forbidden West, Metacritic has awarded it with a 88 rating. This is based on 106 critics' ratings at the time of writing, and it's an excellent score.

However, some fans were expecting a higher rating, and the score of 88 hasn't gone down well, despite being a very good number.

"Metacritic is a garbage website! BS reviews! A score of 88?! They did Horizon Forbidden West dirty! Never using Metacritic again! Don't use Metacritic! Use Open Critic!"Meanwhile, in Open Critic:

Fans flood social media with reactions over Horizon Forbidden West's 88 rating

It appears that many fans were expecting the game to cross 90 rating which would have made it a 'must play'. However, it should be kept in mind that the 'must play' tag is generated automatically based on the metascore. There isn't any significant difference between an 88 and a 90 metascore.

Fans seem to think otherwise, and since the game's launch, its metascore of 88 has become a raging topic on social media. Quite naturally, there have been direct comparisons to ratings of other games even if they are of completely different genres.

@PlayStation An 88 Metacritic Score is great don't get me wrong, but then you see.....🤐 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ #HorizonForbiddenWest should be a 96! In this case 😭
Forza Horizon 4 - 92 🏆Forza Horizon 5 - 92 🏆Forza Horizon 3 - 91 🏆Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 90 🏆Horizon Forbidden West - 88 💩#CryPoniesCry
DAMN the Meta score dropped again now it's 88 I hope it keeps going down. This game looks boring as hell like the first one.😏 #HorizonForbiddenWest

Users have also stated how little significance the score carries. It should be noted that metascores are based on critics' reviews and often contain elements that are almost insignificant to common players. Hence, it's quite immaterial to judge a game as 'good' or 'bad' by a margin of just two points.

I've seen some Playstation fanboys trash Horizon Forbidden West all because it has an 88 Metascore and can possibly fall below that I'm now convinced Playstation fanboys care more about Matacritic scores than the actual games

There were also certain premonitions over how the community could react if the early reports of Horizon Forbidden West's metascore turned out to be true.

"When this baby hits 88 Metacritic, you're going to see some serious..."

There were also tweets of disagreement with the metascore.

I have to say it but 88 average is a joke really from all of what I’ve seen and read so far the negative 6/10’s are quite literally just that, to begin with the game is not worth less than it’s original. This average does not reflect the game at all.. #HorizonForbiddenWest

Incidentally, the game has received the same rating on Open Critic, which nullifies the argument that Metacritic is biased.

Another user directly blamed a review, which all adds up to form the average, based on which every game is given a metascore.

#HorizonForbiddenWest is sitting at a 88 on @Metacritic because of @WashingtonPost 🤔

Ultimately, it all comes down to what the reviews are and they don't always fall in the same line as players.

I've seen a lot of people complain about Horizon: Forbidden West getting an 88 on Metacritic instead of a 90 or higher.An 88 is still a really good score. I'm not sure if it's worth complaining about. Heck, Fallout: New Vegas got an 84 and I think that game deserves higher.

The best thing to do is to just play and enjoy a video game because that's what every video game is made for in the first place.

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