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Minecraft's "Super Duper Graphic Pack" cancelled, will continue with its block-based graphics

Tarun Sayal
25   //    14 Aug 2019, 00:24 IST


Minecraft, the famous sandbox video game which was launched in 2011, was going to have a whole new look this year. Minecraft fans have been waiting for a massive update since 2017. This new update was expected to enable 4K on the Xbox One X and bring more lighting effects such as shadows and fog, new motion in the game elements like leaves and significant graphic improvements. But the update pack is scrapped by Microsoft as it has proved "too technically demanding."

The package was called Super Duper Graphics Pack. Microsoft announced this update at the vast level E3 video game conference in 2017. The aim was to make the graphics of the game more realistic. But now the game will continue with its block-based look. Mojang, the developer of the immensely popular games, said,

" We realise this is disappointing to some of you - there was a lot of enthusiasm for Super Duper from inside and outside the studio - but unfortunately, we aren't happy with how the pack performed across devices."

The Super Duper Graphics Pack was scheduled to be released in autumn 2017, but the release was postponed to 2018 which now got cancelled altogether. Mojang said that the pack failed to change the look of graphics of different platforms, but they are looking forward to changing the face of the graphics differently. He said he has some news about the optimization of the game on various platforms and he will share further information soon. He added that it could take longer to give a different look to the game, but it won't take forever.

Minecraft has achieved numerous awards, and it has also been titled as the most influential video games in history. By mid-2018, it had 91 million active users per month. It is also the best selling video game of all time. Over 176 million copies of Minecraft were sold out across all platforms by May 2019.

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