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How to Play Minecraft: The Ultimate Beginners' Guide 

  • Everything you need to know to get started with Minecraft.
  • How to Play Minecraft: The Ultimate Beginners' Guide
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Image Courtesy: Minecraft
Image Courtesy: Minecraft

Launched initially in 2011, Minecraft is a sandbox game that tasks the players to explore the depts of their creativity by building different blocks in the world while making the best use out of the resources available.

There is no linear approach to this game, and one could go about in multiple ways to complete the desired objectives. With the abundance of choice, beginners might find it too intimidating to start exploring the depths of the Minecraft universe. However, one could still get a grip of the game within the first couple of hours of playtime by following a couple of simple pointers outlined below.


How to play Minecraft on PC?

Get onto the official Minecraft website, and download the game onto your PC. Once then, log in to the game and proceed further to enjoy your first Minecraft experience.

How to play Minecraft on PS4?

Get a physical copy of the game or download it from the PlayStation Store to experience Minecraft on PS4.

How to play Minecraft on Xbox One?

Similar to the PlayStation 4 version, one could either buy a physical copy or download it from the Microsoft Store for Xbox One.


One should note that the basic gameplay of the title remains largely similar in all the platforms. The game offers a multitude of game modes, and each one offers a different set of objectives.

Survival: Players need to gather resources to build blocks, craft items and survive as long as possible. Players' death allows them to respawn in the game.

Creative: In this mode, there are no rules and players are presented with unlimited resources to build the world of their choice. Moreover, players do not die and can fly around in the world.

Adventure: Players can interact with objects and mobs, and are tasked to complete an adventure.

Hardcore: The Hardcore mode is similar to the survival mode but with increased difficulty. Additionally, players' death will end the game.

Spectator: This mode does what it says. The players have no control over the world and can only view already created worlds.

The Survival and the Hardcore modes require tact and strategy to survive longer, and one must devise a gameplan to start staying one step ahead right from the first night. 

The creator mode, on the other hand, doesn't need any strategy to survive, and one is only limited by their imagination.

Beginners' Guide

Harvest Resources

This is the most important part of Minecraft. Start harvesting resources right from day one or one will find it extremely difficult to make it to day two. You need the harvested resources to build crafting tables, shelters and weapons, which will all allow you to survive the dangers of the night.

Understand the Needs

Just like the real world, your character in Minecraft feels hunger and must acquire food on a regular basis. While exploring the world for resources, do not forget to feed yourself once in a while. You could limit the food intake by reducing the amount of damage you take and minimising strenuous activities.

Craft/Upgrade Weapons and Armour

As one progresses in the game, more and more materials become available. This allows you to further upgrade your weapons or craft armour, which are quintessential for fighting off the mobs.

Improve Your Shelter

You can comfortably survive the first night with a simple shelter, but you shouldn't be content with it and must aim to build a bigger house that could include traps for mobs and monsters as well. This will be extremely critical during the latter stages of the game.

Progressing further provides the players' with better resources, which could all be used to improve your shelter.

These four tips should help you get started with Minecraft. Remember, spending good amounts of time with the game will allow you to adapt yourself to the mechanics and eventually master it within no time.

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