Misfits Podcast: Pokimane says calling people "simps" can be obnoxious

Image Credits: Misfits podcast,
Image Credits: Misfits podcast,

Recently, Pokimane made an appearance on the Misfits Podcast. The "Misfits" team consists of McCreamy, iNotorious, Swaggersouls, Fitz, TobyontheTele and Zuckles, who are all gamers/comedians. The podcast has over 7 million fans across platforms, and usually consists of the team talking about their dysfunctional and hilariously funny life experiences.

During the podcast, Pokimane spoke on a variety of topics, including British YouTuber and Twitch streamer Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos' weight loss and physical transformation, which happened over 2019. You might have heard of him by his online alias, "Greekgodx".

Image Credits: Misfits podcast,
Image Credits: Misfits podcast,

As expected, she also speaks about the "simps" issue, something we have looked at in this article.

Pokimane thinks calling people "simps" can be obnoxious

Of course, we are familiar with Pokimane's recent controversies involving "simps". The YouTuber's fan base has been mocked and ridiculed by many Fortnite content creators. In the past, she also attracted criticism when she seemed to encourage her followers to leave negative feedback on fellow YouTuber ItsAGundam's video, in which he had made fun of her fans.

Moreover, notable YouTuber Keemstar has even called Pokimane "pathetic and fake" in the past. He accused the 24-year-old of lying to the world about not having a boyfriend to continue receiving donations from "sad, lonely boys". You can see his May 2020 tweet below.

In the past, Pokimane herself has spoken ill of "simps", and has reprimanded fans for using derogatory terms such as "thicc" to describe her. In the podcast that you can see below, however, she appears to defend them, and says that calling people "simps" can be obnoxious.

In the clip, the Morocco-born star says that she doesn't mind the humour associated with the whole "simps" issue, and loves the memes that are associated with them. However, she thinks that the culture can be a little offensive, and things are getting to a point where people online are conscious about saying anything nice about a girl.

Pokimane defended her "simp" fans (Image Credits:
Pokimane defended her "simp" fans (Image Credits:

Furthermore, she explains that the culture discourages people from being kind to women, and confesses that she might be a bit biased towards "simps". When asked whether she loves them, she responds favourably, and says, "I love the simps. And I love to simp. Simping is great."

This confession is dripping with sarcasm, and she did not seem half as passionate about her fans as some of them appear for her. You can watch the entire clip in the video below.

In conclusion, while we do agree that "simps" exist, using the term each time somebody appreciates a woman is not done.


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