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"I don't think anyone would pay for that": Mizkif's father savagely roasts his adult entertainment career 

Image via Mizkif
Image via Mizkif
Modified 14 Feb 2021

Twitch streamer "Mizkif" got roasted by his dad concerning a potential OnlyFans career in a recent live stream.

Mizkif called his dad on a live stream to prank him. The prank involved the streamer telling his dad that he'll start selling his pictures on the adult site and make millions of dollars.

Mizkif's dad seemed confused initially. When the streamer explained it to him in greater detail, his dad has this to say:

'I don't think anyone would pay for that"

The streamer immediately hung up the phone. His friends and the chat immediately made fun of him. The embarrassment on Mizkif's face was visible for the rest of the stream.

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Many on Reddit were making jokes at Mizkif's expense about his sister. They were insinuating that OnlyFans was seen as a "family business."

These comments were made because Mizkif's sister has an account on the site. She also uses Mizkif's stream to promote herself.


Mizkif's prank clearly didn't go to plan. This will most likely be the last time that Mizkif pulls a prank like this.

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Mizkif is a Twitch streamer that is making Twitch more like YouTube

Mizkif doesn't stream video games on Twitch that often. He is not the best player, and isn't very skilled. Most of his viewers like to see him react to games and look forward to the jokes that follow from them.

Mizkif spends a lot of his time on Twitch pulling pranks and making jokes unrelated to video games. His Twitch channel is more like a YouTube channel.

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He has been fairly successful at pulling pranks on his stream. In the future, he will most likely try and keep his pranks far away from his father.

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Published 14 Feb 2021, 19:27 IST
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