“You can have all my stuff”: MOONMOON uses Escape from Tarkov’s VOIP feature in the most hilarious manner possible

MOONMOON's bizarre encounter with a random player in Escape from Tarkov (Images via Twitch/MOONMOON and Escape from Tarkov)
MOONMOON's bizarre encounter with a random player in Escape from Tarkov (Images via Twitch/MOONMOON and Escape from Tarkov)
Vibha Hegde

Popular Twitch streamer MOONMOON's recent experience with Escape from Tarkov has been quite a hilarious journey for both him and his viewers.

The content creator came across a wide array of individuals throughout his recent stream, with the game's new proximity voice chat feature definitely livening the experience. MOONMOON was seen using it to his advantage, weaseling himself out of a near-death situation through the power of conversation.

MOONMOON begs player "p*opfist" to spare his life in Escape from Tarkov

MOONMOON went through quite the nail-biting adventure during his recent stream where he played Escape from Tarkov with random players. One of the most tense moments, however, was when MOONMOON confronted one such random player.

Attempting to take them down, MOONMOON wielded a gun and yelled at them, trying to lure them in and go for the kill.

"No... come here, Billy!"

However, his plan didn't go down too smoothly. The other player, whose ID was "p*opfist," turned the tables on MOONMOON and shanked him a few times, putting him in a near-death state in an ironic twist of the phrase, "Never bring a knife to a gun fight."

Once MOONMOON was downed, he was in a state where his character was unable to defend themselves. The streamer began screaming for mercy in between giggles:

"Please wait, I'm friendly, please! Please, please, Billy!"

Not believing his lies, the other player continued to attack him. MOONMOON then switched gears and threatened the player, hoping to scare them away:

"I'm going to f***ing slice you! I'm going to slice you! Come here! Come here!"

p*opfist could be heard yelling a declaration of love towards MOONMOON in the background, ready to deal the final blow.

Amusingly, MOONMOON once again changed tones, returning to begging for mercy while offering something he thought would be tough to refuse. He squealed out the following:

"Anything you want, anything you want, please. Please. Please, I promise. I promise, you can have all my stuff, just don't kill me please. I've got a wife and kid, please, please, please. Please don't do it, please. Please. I'm bleeding... please."

p*opfist slowly backed away from Jesse, declaring that the situation was "awkward." After deliberating for a short period of time, the random player showed him mercy and left the scene.

MOONMOON backstabs p*opfist, shoots him from behind

After their truce, MOONMOON and p*opfist somehow gained each other's trust and teamed up. However, what p*opfist wasn't expecting was MOONMOON's ulterior motive.

He attempted to kill p*opfist while the latter was looking away, but had run out of bullets. His Twitch chat begged him to spare the random player, but to no avail, as MOONMOON executed him after reloading his gun.

Escape from Tarkov's new update has brought a new influx of players, with many popular streamers hopping on the game to give it a shot. Felix "xQc" Lengyel was recently spotted playing the title alongside his friends.

Note: The player's name has been censored due to profanity.

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