"My mom would be homeless": Corpse husband shares heartfelt message for fans, as he explains how they saved his life 

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Corpse Husband revealed that he would have ended up in an unimaginably dire situation had it not been for his fans.


Corpse Husband appreciates all his fans, as do most streamers. The phrase “Thank you so much for your support, it means so much” is common among streamers, but Corpse’s gratitude goes a lot deeper.

He revealed in a recent stream that his situation was not ideal when he soared in popularity. Corpse claimed that he was a month away from being in huge medical debt and his mother becoming homeless.

Corpse Husband stated specifically:

“I would be absolutely f***ed right now if I didn’t come up at the time I did… I had just completely run out of money because of my medical bills, I’m paying my mom’s rent right now because she’s on disability… I would be so f***ed in medical debt, constantly not be able to go to my appointments; my mom would be homeless. Like you guys really came in clutch right at the right time… One month later I would have been f***ed… The timing could have not been any better”

Corpse basically ran out of money due to the sheer volume of debt and expenses he was dealing with before becoming a top streamer. His story shows how close he was to losing everything and being in one of the worst situations imaginable.

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He hasn't mentioned it before, but it seems he wanted to let his viewers know how much he appreciates them. Corpse ended his message with gratitude to those who helped build his popularity:

“So I just thank you guys so much, for everything…”

The appreciation that Corpse expresses is incredibly sincere and heartfelt. Many of his fans are happy to have played a part in his success.

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Corpse Husband is one of the most popular streamers around despite his troubles last year

The year 2020 hurt many people, and it sounds as though Corpse was at the end of his rope that year as well. Clearly, he could not have imagined that 2020 would be the year all of these things changed, and he would get the life he had always dreamed of. In it, we can see the closeness people can be to their dreams if they do not give up.


Corpse Husband has over seven million subscribers to his YouTube channel, and many are calling for him to join Twitch. He is nowhere near being in dire straits and is able to take care of himself and his mother without any problems.

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It is good to see that Corpse is enjoying gaming and has benefited from it.

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