"I hate my face": Corpse Husband reveals he cut his face with razor blades, receives support online

Corpse Husband recently opened up about self-harm
Corpse Husband recently opened up about self-harm

Trigger Warning: The following piece contains details of self-harm, as stated by Corpse Husband in his recent Q & A session.

Internet sensation Corpse Husband recently left fans concerned after he revealed instances of self-harm during a Q & A session.

The 23-year-old YouTuber hosted a candid Q & A session on Instagram where he addressed a plethora of topics, ranging from upcoming music to his early school days.

However, the segment that ended up gaining a lot of online attention was when he talked about doing a face reveal.

When talking about the reveal, Corpse Husband admitted that he personally "hates his face" and shared a concerning instance where he cut his face with razor blades.

The revelation soon triggered a wave of support online, as fans struggled to come to terms with the gravity of the situation.

Corpse Husband opens up on doing a face reveal and self-harm


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Speaking about the possibility of a face reveal, Corpse Husband explained why he feels that it will happen one day:

"Realisitically it will happen inevitably, against my will but a lot of people think it's a business thing or a gimmick . I just deeply f***ing hate my face and people's expectations at this point are ridiculous and unachievable"

Corpse Husband then addressed how he deals with anxiety and provided a rather grim example of self-harm when asked about the same:

"That's something that I still struggle with, there have been multiple streams in the past where I was f***ing cutting my face with razor blades like 10 minutes before going live. You never know what people are going through behind the scenes"

The rest of his Q & A session provides a rather intimate glimpse into his personal life, thought process and overall personality.

In light of his concerning revelations, fans took to Twitter to voice their support for Corpse Husband:

Corpse Husband has often been vocal about his struggles with chronic illness and severe social anxiety.

From dealing with financial problems in the past to being subjected to unwarranted online hate today, the journey towards fame has not exactly been a bed of roses for the faceless sensation.

As demands for a face reveal continue to rise with each passing day, true fans of Corpse Husband will be hoping that he doesn't succumb to pressure and keeps his best interests in mind.

His recent revelatory Q & A session continues to invite a lot of support online as it serves as a just reminder of the fact that people on screen are battling their own demons, just like any other human being out there.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh