Corpse Husband's "face reveal" requests are getting out of control

Corpse Husband has not yet revealed his face to the community.
Corpse Husband has not yet revealed his face to the community.

Many fans have been waiting for a long time for Corpse Husband to reveal his face.

Corpse Husband was originally a horror-narration YouTuber who generally narrated real stories that were sent to him by his viewers. Nowadays, he mostly posts content related to Among Us, a game that he plays with quite a few internet personalities.

Corpse Husband’s deep and distinguishable voice has a lot to do with his overall fame. Despite hinting and talking about a “face reveal” multiple times, fans still have no idea what Corpse Husband looks like.


Instead, there has been a "handwriting reveal," a “hand reveal,” and a “only-strands” hair reveal. This article looks at how the speculation about Corpse Husband's face has affected his recent career.

The speculation behind Corpse Husband’s “face”: Will he do a face reveal?

It is no secret that Corpse Husband’s demeanor and voice lend a sense of mysteriousness to his personality.

Corpse Husband has seen a tremendous increase in growth over the past few months. It was only towards the end of November that he had reached the five million subscriber mark on YouTube.

Image via Corpse Husband, YouTube
Image via Corpse Husband, YouTube

Corpse Husband hit the six million mark today, i.e., 15th November 2020, and Twitter has already been flooded with messages of support and encouragement from his fans. Needless to say, the growth has been quick and is expected to continue over the coming months.

While fans have time and again cropped up on the internet asking for Corpse Husband to do a face reveal, that has not happened until now.

The mysteriousness behind his face has almost proven to be a catalyst in his growth and has even allowed him to eke out a successful career on Spotify as a musician.

Moreover, by constantly talking about doing a face reveal, Corpse Husband has taken up a habit of keeping them on edge by almost baiting them into talking about how they have no idea what he looks like.

In August, he posted the following on Twitter and promised to do a face reveal if the tweet got 100 replies. However, he had not allowed people to reply to the post, which effectively meant that it was impossible for the tweet to get 100 replies.

Image via Corpse Husband, Twitter
Image via Corpse Husband, Twitter

In a nutshell, it appears that Corpse Husband has no real intention of doing a face reveal, which he obviously has the right to do.

The fact that nobody knows what he looks like adds another element to the mystifying internet persona that he has created. Hence, revealing his face might take away the mysteriousness behind his personality, something he obviously must have thought about.

The constant growth and success means that Corpse Husband has no real reason to do a face reveal.

Edited by Shaheen Banu