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NBA 2K19 Update: New patch set to resolve major gameplay issues

NBA 2K19 needs fixing!
NBA 2K19 needs fixing!
Arvind S
Modified 14 Mar 2019, 03:27 IST

NBA 2K19 fans may finally have something to cheer about, with the game developers set to begin work on a new patch in an attempt to fix numerous gameplay issues that have plagued the franchise.

While an exact release date for the patch has not yet been revealed, it has been confirmed that a request has been submitted, with approval likely to be garnered in the next few days.

Director of Brand Marketing, Ronnie 2K tweeted out the following a couple of days ago:

It is believed that the patch is being designed mainly to fix the pushing exploit which has caused quite a bit of controversy in the game.

The bug seemingly affects both offensive and defensive sides of the game. On the defensive end, defenders can sometimes shove a player who is without possession of the ball; a tactic often used during in-bound plays to prevent accurate passes and force turnovers.

On the offensive end, players in the low post can shove defenders out of the way to create better scoring opportunities. This usually occurs when the player in the post has Takeover as well as the Pure Post Scorer badge, making him virtually unguardable.

While the reasoning behind the decision was to effectively display the dominance of the low-post player, it seems to have been poorly executed and has sparked numerous debates on online forums.

The patch the developers are working on is expected to fix these issues. With the 2K League season on the horizon, the move to release a patch (if it is finalised) seems to have come at the perfect time, however, fans of the game remain sceptical and are of the opinion that it's too little too late.


What do you think of the decision to release a patch 7 months after the launch of the game? Let us know in the comments below...

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Published 14 Mar 2019, 03:27 IST
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