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NBA 2K20: Fastest Way to get VC

If you
If you've played any previous NBA 2K game, then you will know the importance of VC
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If you've played any previous NBA 2K game, then you will know the importance of VC. Standing for 'Virtual Currency', just like always in the new NBA 2K19 game, VC can be used in countless ways across multiple game modes.

VC is crucial in this game whether it is to upgrade your MyTeam by buying packs to find that superstar player you desperately need, or if you need to upgrade your MyCareer pro to take on the NBA or dominate in the park.

While you can always buy VC through microtransactions in the game, this is not always the most fun way to go about your gameplay, or the cheapest. So we take a look at some insightful ways to earn VC as efficiently as possible.

Fastest Way to earn VC 2K20

3. MyCareer Mode

NBA 2K League Draft
NBA 2K League Draft

Often in life, the simple way is the best and that is no different here. Simply point the best way to earn VC in NBA 2K20 has been the same for years, play the game and play it a lot. While some modes, like MyTeam, don't allow you to earn VC through playing, MyCareer mode is based around it.

For those who enjoy the grind of MyCareer, and what to natural upgrade their player without spending hundreds of dollars on top of purchasing the game, MyCareer is the best mode to earn VC through while enjoying playing the game.

Although MyCareer is a great way to casually earn VC, there are specific ways to play to max out the output compared to time spent playing. The past few years of 2K have focussed on allowing players to receive endorsements, and thus VC through them, focussing your efforts in achieving these as quickly and as often as possible will produce the greatest output of VC for your time spent on the game.


The best way to do this is by increasing your likeability as a player, it is simple just as in real life, the more fans you have got the more money people are willing to pay you to endorse their products. Focus on gaining fans early and you'll have all the VC you need in no time.

2. NBA 2K20 Official App

Viber X YesJulz NBA All-Star Game Party #AllStarVibes
Viber X YesJulz NBA All-Star Game Party #AllStarVibes

An often overlooked way to farm VC, using the 2K app is quick, easy and often enjoyable. The 2K app is available for download on iOS and Android devices, and is a great way to earn daily VC when off the console.

Through the app, you can easily gain a minimum of 600 VC per day purely by logging in and doing a few simple tasks.

The app rewards you with daily login bonuses and allows you to earn VC while playing their collectable card game, compete with friends and just another way to get your basketball fix.


While it may not seem like the most VC, it will add up to a big missed opportunity if not fully utilised, and it is a fun way to still help your 2K career at times when you may not be able to play on the console.

1. Ante Up

The Hippodrome Casino Opens After Extensive Renovation
The Hippodrome Casino Opens After Extensive Renovation

Ante up is very clearly the fastest way to earn Virtual Currency in any 2k and nothing has changed on that front in 2K20. The issue is that it is also without a doubt the fastest way to lose VC in 2K20.

The "stage" as it is called in 2K20 is similar to the park but instead of just playing for your park rep or a win/loss record, you wager your VC against other players in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 matchups for a varies amount depending on which court you choose to step on.

While ante up is a huge risk and could unfortunately make you lose all your saved-up VC, you can very quickly double or triple your VC balance in just a couple games of 2K. It is advised to play this game-mode with caution and recommend to play once you have a stronghold on the new gameplay.

Published 07 Sep 2019, 08:26 IST
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