New Pokemon Snap: Price, release date, features, and more

Image Via Nintendo
Image Via Nintendo
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In January, New Pokemon Snap was revealed for the Nintendo Switch, and it's the first time that a fresh Pokemon Snap game has been released since 1999, when it came out on the Nintendo 64.

The release date isn't too far away, and there are already some details to hold fans over for the time being.

New Pokemon Snap is going to be available for the standard $59.99 that gamers can expect. But, since the game isn't out yet, players will have to make do with preordering it, until the official release on April 30, 2021.

Players can purchase New Pokemon Snap in the form of a preorder on the official Nintendo shop. However, there are also options to buy physical copies from places such as GameStop or Target.

As for what features players can expect from New Pokemon Snap, it will be similar in design to the original game from 1999. The main idea of Pokemon Snap is get photos of Pokemon within nature, in order to complete a Pokemon Photodex.

New Pokemon Snap takes place in the Lental Region, which is set up to be a collection of islands that hosts all kinds of biomes for players to go through, such as jungles and deserts. In each location, Pokemon from all over the board will be appearing in their natural biomes, and players are tasked with clicking their photos.

The original game was set up the same way, but it was based around an on rails experience like older FPS titles. One major difference on top of that is that players can edit and upload their photos online through New Pokemon Snap.

The story players can expect in New Pokemon Snap


New Pokemon Snap will have an objective or narrative on top of the general photographs that players will collect during their time in the Lental region. The description on the preorder page for New Pokemon Snap explains some of what to expect.

"In the Lental region, Pokémon and vegetation have sometimes been seen to glow. Meet Professor Mirror and work with him to uncover the mystery of the Illumina Phenomenon. Your photos and observations may be key to learning about this strange occurrence."

While investigating the region, another mechanic that players can utilize is berries, which can be used to catch the attention of Pokemon in the wild. Players will need to wait until April 30 to learn more about what to expect from the title.

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