New Red Dead Online update shows that Rockstar doesn't have new content for fans

Rockstar will give the tan Tied Pants to Licensed Bounty Hunters who accomplish five Legendary Bounties (Image via Steam)
Rockstar will give the tan Tied Pants to Licensed Bounty Hunters who accomplish five Legendary Bounties (Image via Steam)

Red Dead Online is a highly popular game released about four years ago. The Rockstar Games title's gameplay, cooperative story missions, bounty hunting, and PvP modes are a few widely acclaimed components.

On the other hand, Red Dead Online has also been slammed for its lack of updates and for disregarding fan feedback and complaints.

The latest Red Dead Redemption 2 Online update proves that Red Dead Online appears to be dead in the water. Rather than fresh or substantial content, the latest online update lets players get tan Tied Pants by participating in five Legendary Bounties.

Community reacts negatively to Red Dead Online update from Rockstar

The developer's new tweet also had a link to the Rockstar Newswire, which provides further details on the latest bonuses.

Licensed Bounty Hunters who complete 5 Legendary Bounties this week will get the tan Tied Pants. More details on the latest Red Dead Online bonuses at the Rockstar Newswire:

All online users who log in this month will receive five Special Horse Revivers in addition to the Licensed Bounty Hunters. Naturally, the tweet generated a barrage of retweets and reactions from supporters who were outspoken in their displeasure.

@RockstarGames I don't know why are you trying to kill your own game

Most retweets and replies slammed Rockstar for ignoring fans and accused them of ruining the game. These fans believe they are entitled to more high-quality content and have been attacking Rockstar daily.

Many are accusing Rockstar of abandoning Red Dead Online, while others mocked the in-game award as inadequate and inferior.

@RockstarGames Clothes, clothes , clothes.... always the same shit. Do yall really think we care about tshirts or pants? Ridiculous. I lost all my respect to rockstar after gta the trilogy remastered. Gave them a 2nd chance now with gta 5 E&E, cause they couldnt blame grovestreet now. RIP R*.

While GTA 5 has been remastered a second time, and GTA Online continues to receive many significant enhancements each year, Red Dead Redemption fans have had little to rejoice about. They have often expressed their dissatisfaction with Rockstar for neglecting their wishes.

Despite the negative criticism, several aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2's Online have been praised by fans, such as the game's intuitive character builder. In this iteration, gamers may utilize it to create fictitious characters such as Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, Princess Leia from Star Wars, Rorschach from Watchmen, and more.

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