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New Tekken 7 gameplay video juggling combos

New Tekken 7 gameplay video juggling combos

News 20 Mar 2015, 11:36 IST
Tekken 7

The latest Tekken 7 gameplay video released by Bandai Namco features many juggling combos that can be done in the game.

Juggling combos have always been an integral part of the game and looks like Tekken 7 will have them too. The best part about the video is that there is a command list that shows you how to do the combinations so players can start practicing.

The game will be making its way to some North American tournaments this year. EVO 2015 will be the big one. The inclusion of juggling combos will allow players to damage their opponents in more innovative ways.

The video shows juggle combos for the following Tekken 7 characters: Claudio, Katarina, Shaheen, Lucky Chloe, Heihachi, Kazuya, Lars, Alisa, Paul, Law, Dragunov, King, Leo, Hwoarang, Feng, Steve, Bryan, Asuka, Lili and Xiaoyu.

This video is rather nice as it takes allows us to have a look at the various levels in the game. There are going to be more levels added to the game when it will be shipped to the consoles.  The arcade version only has the 20 characters mentioned above at the moment. Kazumi is the final boss, but she is not playable yet.

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