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$1 Million Super Cup Fortnite tournament announced

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 19 Nov 2020, 02:38 IST

Epic Games has put $1 million on the line to help Fortnite Season 4 go out with a bang with the $1M Super Cup - a duos tournament.

This $1 million prize pool will be divided between the top Fortnite players across all servers, with the first place winners splitting $4,000 on the European server, $3,500 on the NA East server, $3,000 on the NA West and Brazil servers, and $2,500 on the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania servers. Advancement in this Fortnite tournament will also differ based on server.

Fortnite $1M Super Cup will be a duos tournament

It appears that this cup will be played in a standard Battle Royale duos format, meaning that teams will have less leeway than in the previous Trios tournaments.

Compared to trios, duos teams have to deal with the fact that having a dedicated builder during certain situations will effectively halve their damage potential.

As a result, duos teammates tend to have to play more self-sufficiently. Teamwork, communication, and coordination are all still important skills to have, but it won’t really be possible to divide roles as efficiently as trios or squads can. Instead, both players will be expected to build, fight, and loot as needed.

$1M Super Cup points breakdown

The point distribution for this cup places heavy weight on placing in the top 5, with points dropping off severely after that:

  • Victory Royale: 55 Points
  • 2nd: 49 Points
  • 3rd: 46 Points
  • 4th: 43 Points
  • 5th: 40 Points
  • 6th: 37 Points
  • 7th: 35 Points
  • 8th: 33 Points
  • 9th: 31 Points
  • 10th: 29 Points
  • 11th: 27 Points
  • 12th: 25 Points
  • 13th: 23 Points
  • 14th: 21 Points
  • 15th: 19 Points
  • 16th: 17 Points
  • 17th: 15 Points
  • 18th: 13 Points
  • 19th: 11 Points
  • 20th: 9 Points
  • 21st: 7 Points
  • 22nd: 5 Points
  • 23rd: 4 Points
  • 24th: 3 Points
  • 25th: 2 Points
  • 26th-45th: 1 Point
  • Each Elimination: 5 Points

Interestingly, teams will only need to score 11 eliminations to earn as many points as placing in first place, which amounts to clearing just five and a half teams.

Rewarding so many points for eliminations encourages players to take riskier engagements, as earning a single elimination will net more points than surviving to a higher placement.

In this Fortnite tournament, teams will earn 10 points for fully eliminating another team, followed by whatever the net point gain for increasing their placement is.

For most of the game, this will mean either a zero or one point gain, with placement points increasing more rapidly as Fortnite players near the top.

Therefore, it will be much more important to be the team that scores the elimination than to be the team that merely survives to the top, rewarding players greatly for landing at high population locations and winning. It will be interesting if teams react to this Fortnite tournament’s rules and play more aggressively as a result.

Published 19 Nov 2020, 02:38 IST
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