According to leaks, Street Fighter 6 might be announced soon

Capcom might announce upcoming Street Fighter when the timer ends on teaser website (Image via Capcom)
Capcom might announce upcoming Street Fighter when the timer ends on teaser website (Image via Capcom)

A recent leak reveals that Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 might be releasing sooner than expected. In the Giant Bomb video show, famous GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb said that the sixth installment of Capcom’s flagship fighting video game, Street Fighter, might be announced soon.

On the show, Grubb said that he has heard from various sources that the timer on the Capcom website is ticking towards the reveal of Street Fighter 6. He said:

“Everybody should expect Street Fighter 6, because that’s what I have heard”
It's been 13 years since Street Fighter IV battled its way onto home consoles, challenging a new generation of fighters to focus on mastering new techniques and indestructible combos!

Jeff Grubb is already known for revealing accurate information and is one of the most reliable sources in the gaming community.

Capcom might announce Street Fighter 6 when teaser ends on their website

The timer on the Capcom website will conclude on Sunday, February 20 at 1 AM ET or on Monday, February 21, 2022, at 6 AM GMT. Capcom is celebrating the 35th-anniversary of the Street Fighter series.

They revealed their 35th-anniversary logo and said, ”Please look forward to the future development of the Street Fighter series”. This denoted that an upcoming Street Fighter game is already in the works, and Capcom might release it within 2022.

HERE COMES A NEW ANNIVERSARY!Cheers to 35 years of epic fights, fireballs and iconic rivalries!⬇️↘️➡️👊#StreetFighter #SF35th

The season finale of Capcom’s Street Fighter Pro tour is already underway and is scheduled to end along with a timer. So there’s a good chance that Capcom will introduce the upcoming Street Fighter to the gaming community. Nothing has been officially revealed by Capcom yet and will only be confirmed when the timer ends this Monday.

The Street Fighter series is among the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time. It boasts a whopping 47 million sales all across the world. Street Fighter 5, being the latest installment of the series, was released back in 2016. After receiving two significant updates, the game is now the second best-selling game in the series.

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