Animal Crossing: New Horizons art guide - Which paintings and sculptures are always real?

Redd, the shady art salesman from Animal Crossing (Image via Nintendo)
Redd, the shady art salesman from Animal Crossing (Image via Nintendo)

Redd is infamous in Animal Crossing for his dishonest selling practices. The only resident art salesman in New Horizons makes a living off defrauding his customers. The first painting that players buy from him will always be genuine, though it's overpriced at first.

However, after that, there's no telling if he'll sell real art. His entire inventory may be full of fakes at any given time. However, there are some paintings and sculptures that even Redd can't fake. If he has those, they're always going to be real.

Which Animal Crossing paintings and sculptures are real?

In total, there are 16 paintings and sculptures in Redd's inventory that cannot be faked. No matter what, if these items show up in his inventory, they're legitimate.

The Calm Painting, based on A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, is always real, so players can purchase it with a sense of security. The Common Painting, which is The Gleaners from artist Jean-François Millet, is also 100% real.

The Common Painting from Animal Crossing (Image via Nintendo)
The Common Painting from Animal Crossing (Image via Nintendo)

The Dynamic Painting in Animal Crossing:New Horizon, which is The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by artist Hokusai, will always be legitimate as Redd has not been able to fake this one. His fakes aren't always the best, but he hasn't even come up with a close comparison.

Here are the rest of the always legitimate paintings in Animal Crossing:

  • Flowery Painting- Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers
  • Glowing Painting- The Fighting Temeraire by J. M. W. Turner
  • Moody Painting- Jean-François Millet's The Sower
  • Mysterious Painting- Isle of the Dead by Arnold Böcklin
  • Nice Painting- The Fifer by Édouard Manet
  • Perfect Painting- Paul Cézanne's Still Life with Apples and Oranges
  • Proper Painting- A Bar at the Folies-Bergère by Édouard Manet
  • Sinking Painting- Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais
  • Twinkling Painting- Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night
  • Warm Painting- La maja vestida by Francisco de Goya
  • Worthy Painting- Eugéne Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People

There are only two Animal Crossing sculptures that can't be faked: The Familiar Statue, which is Auguste Rodin's The Thinker, and the Great Statue, Thomas Ridgeway Gould's Kamehameha Statue. Everything else can be faked.

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