Bungie banned prominent Destiny 2 content creator

Source: Destiny 2 ban-hammer drops on bakenGangstA (Image via Bungie Inc.)
Source: Destiny 2 ban-hammer drops on bakenGangstA (Image via Bungie Inc.)
Soumyadeep Banerjee

Destiny 2 content creator bakenGangstA was recently convicted of cheating in PvP and was banned from accessing all activities in-game. bakenGangstA is a YouTuber who creates PvP montages on Destiny 2 and has approximately 110k subscribers.

On 30th June 2021 at 6:11 AM IST, bakenGangstA came forward and tweeted about how he was being banned for a second time with no explanation.

bakenGangstA is known in the Destiny 2 PvP community for his sniper flicking ability and getting kill streaks, which earned him a decent following that could have backed him up with his tweet.

Senior community manager of Destiny 2 replies

Not long after bakenGangstA’s tweet, at 6:27 AM IST, the senior community manager of Bungie, dmg04 replied to the same tweet. The manager stated that game bans are conducted with reason, and multiple validations and several investigations are required for each ban due to the game’s anti-cheat system.

12 minutes after this, baken asked for proof of his wrongdoings that resulted in his ban in the first place. To this, dmg04 came forward approximately three hours later and stated:

Took some time to triple check this with the Security team. We have detected 2 accounts under your ownership using cheat suites while playing Destiny 2, and have banned 4 accounts total. (Includes ban evasion). This is our final communication on this matter

The above tweet pretty much solidifies bakenGangstA’s record, which also exposes his ban across multiple accounts of the same game.

There has been no replies from bakenGangstA to this tweet yet.

Thoughts of other Destiny 2 content creators on the ban

Many well known Destiny 2 content creators shared their thoughts on Twitter about how to address this situation:

Last but not least, dmg04 made another tweet, addressing the community regarding this situation. This is what he tweeted:

Destiny 2 PvP is no stranger to cheaters. Bungie’s anti-cheat system has been on the opposite side of several criticisms in the past. However, when someone as prominent as bakenGangstA gets banned over multiple accounts during his course of time with a single game, things tend to go noticed.

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