Call of Duty Warzone teases Godzilla and Kong weapon blueprint for Season 3

A new teaser has been dropped for Season 3 (Images via Activision)
A new teaser has been dropped for Season 3 (Images via Activision)

Warzone Season 3 isn't far away, and if the latest teasers are anything to go by, players might be in for a treat. Every new season brings certain new things, which are the efforts of Raven Software to keep players engaged.

Season 2, for instance, brought Nebula V and Redeploy Balloons. While something on similar levels is expected, players might be getting some "monster level" things.


Since its release, Warzone has provided a unique experience for players. It is the first free-to-play experience Call of Duty has offered its fan base. The game is also part of the series' mainstream adaptation of the Battle Royale genre. Raven keeps changing things to ensure that the core gameplay remains fun.

Warzone Season 3 show teasers of Godzilla and King Kong-inspired blueprints

Confirmed details about Warzone Season 3 are yet to be revealed. This is quite normal since Activision usually reveals the information a few days before the season commences. However, fans always get to know extra things thanks to community leaders who bring out leaks and inside information.

Godzilla and King Kong have their own blueprints coming to #Warzone! Now we wait to see if the two titans actually arrive in game… 👀

One such bit of information has been doing rounds for a long time. While it may seem crazy on paper, there have been rumors about two mythical monsters coming along the way for Warzone. The two beasts are none other than King Kong and Godzilla, and recent teasers suggest the talks could be genuine.

Based on recent teasers, the two monsters might not be making their way into the game as everyone previously thought. There was always a doubt about how the two of them fit into the lore of the game.

DECLASSIFIED: Newly unearthed footage from secret facility B1108 on Caldera.

However, the latest teaser has thrown light on a Godzilla-inspired blueprint that could be added to Warzone Season 3. While Godzilla’s character is more focused, the community has quickly recognized a connection with Kong.

The Godzilla-themed blueprint is much more definitive in comparison to the other one. Players should still take the information with a pinch of salt since Activision hasn't given out all the details. As Godzilla and Kong-inspired Blueprints make their way to Season 3, it will be interesting to see how they can be unlocked.

This won't be strange as the game has gone into collaboration with universes outside Call of Duty. The game recently released a couple of bundles that gave our weapons and operator skins influenced by Attack on Titan. It will be interesting to see what kind of reactions the blueprints have to the players.

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