COD Mobile to introduce economy mode similar to CS:GO soon

New Economic Search and Destroy is coming to COD Mobile (Image via COD Mobile)
New Economic Search and Destroy is coming to COD Mobile (Image via COD Mobile)

COD Mobile is really taking things to the next level, according to a recent test server reveal. There is a lot going on and players can expect a huge update in the coming days. Things have also changed for the better on the iOS front. In the latest Community Update from the devs on the official Discord server, players can find an iOS link to the Season 6 and Season 7 test server.

The update mentions Season 7 and therefore it is clear that not all the test server content is going to be released in Season 6. Players might have to wait sometime for all the content to come out as some are still in development. However, the new maps, weapons and game modes for Season 6 have mostly been confirmed.

Eco S&D mode coming to COD Mobile soon

In today's test server there is a new game mode that COD Mobile players can try out. In the mode selection menu it is called "Eco" and the description reads "Economic Search and Destroy." In the Community Update, the devs mentioned "Competitive Search and Destroy," which might mean the name has not been decided yet.

This mode is similar to CS:GO or Valorant, where they bring the concept of economy with tactical shooter gameplay. COD Mobile players cannot play with pre-made loadouts in this mode. All players will get the same choices for weapons, tacticals and grenades. There is also an in-game currency that limits the purchase. Different items have different values and players have to keep all the rounds in mind, before going all out with the shopping.

Sniper rifles are the costiliest items and the pistols will cost the lowest. Unlike other multiplayer modes, players can purchase armor in Eco Search and Destroy. There is an option for level 1 and 2 armor, similar to the ones COD Mobile players see in Battle Royale.

Weapon rates in Eco mode ( Image via COD Mobile)
Weapon rates in Eco mode ( Image via COD Mobile)

Winning rounds will add to the money, making it easier to purchase better weapons when required. Economy mode allows a much fairer gameplay experience where players cannot abuse the meta to their advantage. There is no intel about exactly when this mode will be released in COD Mobile.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji
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