COD Mobile officially announces new weapon, stats and first look for CR 56 AMAX

CR 56 is coming to COD Mobile next season/ Image via Call of Duty
CR 56 is coming to COD Mobile next season/ Image via Call of Duty

COD Mobile Season 5 is just two days away and more intel is coming out as the current comes to a conclusion. COD Mobile players will also be more excited to learn about the meta shift that is going to take place. Both the QXR and PP 19 Bizon will be nerfed, and players will have to pick up different weapons to experiment and lay foundation to a new meta in the game.

With the upcoming season, COD Mobile is also launching two new weapons in the game. The first one is the CR 56 AMAX, and in all probability, players will be able to unlock the base version of this weapon from the new battle pass. Players who purchase the battle pass will also unlock an epic blueprint for the weapon in the last tier along with an exclusive epic character.

COD Mobile officially announced the CR 56 AMAX earlier today. Players experienced the first in-game look of the weapon, along with its base stats.These statistics define the weapon without any Gunsmith attachments added to it. Once the gun is released in-game, players will have the opportunity to upgrade the weapon and unlock all its attachments. These attachments can then be used to transform the AMAX according to the player's style. As it is an assault rifle, players will want to make changes to its recoil and accuracy so that they are able to hit precise shots.

CR 56 AMAX base stats in COD Mobile

The rifle has a base damage of 40, similar to most rifles in the game. The weapon seems to be pretty mediocre in accuracy and stability, as the stats for control is 51 and accuracy is 50.

Screenshot from YouTube/ Call of Duty: Mobile
Screenshot from YouTube/ Call of Duty: Mobile

In terms of mobility and fire rate, the base version seems quite boosted. The base version has a fire rate of 71 and a mobility of 76, which pretty high for a rifle. It goes on to establish that players may consider taking the stock off to increase mobility along with ADS time, allowing for the comfort of an SMG but dealing damage as a rifle. COD Mobile players have seen similar Gunsmith builds with DR-H and KN-44.

Players will be able to play with the new CR 56 AMAX in COD Mobile from June 29th, 2021.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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