COD Mobile reaches 1 billion hours spent on Androids worldwide on game's first anniversary

Days taken by games to reach 100 million downloads (Image credits : App Annie)
Days taken by games to reach 100 million downloads (Image credits : App Annie)

The famous first-person shooter, COD Mobile, celebrated its first anniversary on 1st October. This game was launched last year by Activision Blizzard worldwide on Android and IOS devices. Since then, Call of Duty Mobile has grown in popularity worldwide, reaching almost 1 billion (850 million) hours on Androids by players during its peak month.

Gamers seem to enjoy this title for its fast-paced action. Also, the availability of this coveted action-packed multiplayer title on mobiles has made it easily accessible, allowing gamers to enjoy it anywhere.

According to App Annie, COD Mobile’s success has many factors, but the primary factor is the franchise’s dedication towards its player base. This was apparent when the developers dabbled in the mobile gaming market — one whose projected consumer spend will be an upwards of $100 billion by the end of this year.

After its launch in the fourth quarter of 2019, COD Mobile has been growing at a meteoric rate, breaking various records and achieving incredible milestones. It reached the milestone of 100 million downloads in an astonishing 20 days, with another popular title, PUBG Mobile, doing so only after 100 days of launch.

The only game ahead of COD Mobile in reaching this milestone was Pokemon Go, which completed this milestone in just 19 days.

Chris Plummer, VP of Mobile at Activision, said:

“The success of COD Mobile reflects the combination of bringing one of the world’s most beloved entertainment IPs to mobile devices that’s just as visceral and authentic as the console or PC versions. In our first year, we’ve reached existing fans of this great franchise in new ways, while also reaching new fans from all over the world.”
“Since launch, we’ve committed ourselves to constantly bringing fresh new content, adding new modes, and constantly improving the experience for our players. There’s an incredible amount of content that we’ve added, and we’re only getting started.”

The popularity of COD Mobile may also increase in India following the government’s ban of PUBG Mobile, which had a massive fan ban across the country. Activision Blizzard might develop new plans for COD Mobile to try and capitalise on the void left behind in this vast market.

COD Mobile’s tremendous success can also be linked to a growing trend in mobile gaming, which is getting popular by the day. More and more people are switching to mobile games due to ease of accessibility. Major gaming studios and big esports organisations have started taking mobile gaming seriously, producing smartphone versions of their titles and entering esports.

According to a report, in the first half of the current year, mobile games made up almost 50% of the number of hours among the top 1000 games.

With time, mobile gaming is forecast to grow manifold. With more powerful devices coming out each year, gaming titles are sure to become more immersive and realistic. The dealbreaker for mobile gaming is it’s low cost, as compared to a PC, which is still a luxury in many parts of the world.

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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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