COD Mobile to release free Hachi Sword in Season 6

Free Hachi is coming to COD Mobile soon (Image via COD Mobile)
Free Hachi is coming to COD Mobile soon (Image via COD Mobile)

COD Mobile Season 6 is just a few days away now, and more and more leaks are coming out about all the new rewards in the game. Free-to-play players can finally heave a sigh of relief as COD Mobile is going to release a free Hachi sword next season.

Hachi has long been considered to be "pay to win." COD Mobile currently has only two types of swords: Katana and Hachi. Both have a fast fire rate that allows players to cut through enemies easily, even with shots coming towards them. Melee weapons usually do not add too much flich, and therefore if players are not able to connect shots at a player running around with a melee, there is not much hope.

Melee is one of the most broken things in COD Mobile. It offers one-shot kill, but it is also the only weapon in multiplayer modes that does not get hitmarkers. Furthermore, melee weapons increase movement speed, making them difficult to track and shoot at.

There are a few melee weapons that are considered to be broken. The axe has the highest range among all melees. This extra range is broken, and therefore most players rock the axe in Search and Destroy games because it is possible to get easy clutches against teams rushing a single player who is alive.

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Free Hachi will be a rank reward in COD Mobile Season 6

The free Hachi coming out next season is not going to be easy to acquire. Players need to grind through the ranked season to unlock it, as leaks suggest the Hachi is going to be a ranked reward.


While it is still not confirmed whether it will be added to Multiplayer or Battle Royale ranked rewards, the Hachi will definitely be one of the lower rank rewards. This is because the higher rank rewards for Season 6 have already been leaked. Players will get Lerch - Penalty Kick and CR 56 AMAX - Street Venom as free rewards for reaching Master 3 in Battle Royale and Multiplayer in COD Mobile.

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