COD Warzone's lighting bug is making the sun shine through opaque surfaces

The sun has some serious glare in Warzone (Image via Call of Duty)
The sun has some serious glare in Warzone (Image via Call of Duty)

COD Warzone is seriously suffering due to the number of bugs in the game, which collevtively make it unplayable at times.

Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone is not going very smoothly for Raven Software. They had to release a hotfix for the broken MG-82 that was killing people across all ranges within seconds. Furthermore, there are countless other bugs in the game at the moment, some of which even involve Rebirth Island.

The RC-XD bug in Rebirth Island freezes players in a compromising position, making them a sitting duck for enemies. Another bug with Verdansk is currently not allowing teams to complete bounty contracts, as the contract remains on even after the enemy has been sent to the Gulag. A new update went live today which amended the previous patch, but it did not include any bug fixes.

There is a new bug that makes the lighting in the game troublesome for players. For a long time, players have complained that lighting in Verdansk was inappropriate and that parts of the map were incredibly dark. This was the sole reason why the Roze skin was able to cause havoc in Verdansk after it was released.

Raven Software seems to have fixed both the Roze skin and the general lighting of the game. Warzone is much brighter now, and Roze skins can be spotted easily from larger distances in Warzone.

However, the lighting in the game seems to be too much at times. Players usually drop in through the sky with parachutes and they stand to be easy targets, but players cannot seem to get past the glare to shoot the flying enemies.

Warzone player posts screenshot of sun shining through rocks

The sub-reddit for COD Warzone is filled with interesting pictures and clips from players who grind the game daily and come across interesting phenomena in Verdansk.

One such user posted a screenshot where the sun in Verdansk can be seen shining through the rocks.

This is obviously not how Raven Software intended the lighting to work in Verdansk, and therefore, fans should expect a fix soon. There are so many bugs for Raven Software to fix that altogether, it might require an entire update to cleanse Verdansk of glitches.

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