Call of Duty 2021 gets updated on with new title tag of "Slipstream"

The latest title of the Call of Duty franchise has been revealed
The latest title of the Call of Duty franchise has been revealed
Subhradeep "Bucketbaba" Mukherjee

Blizzard recently updated the title of Call of Duty 2021 on its launcher, renaming the game Call of Duty: Slipstream.

The latest Call of Duty game has been under much speculation recently. While nothing official has been announced, fans of this long-running franchise have gotten a solid idea of what to expect, thanks to leaks and insider information.

According to insider information from Tom Henderson, the next Call of Duty game will be set in the backdrop of World War 2. A few days ago, he talked about a few technicalities of the game himself, seasoning the fans as to what to expect and in which sectors they might feel disappointed.


In the same clip (seen above), he mentioned that the working title for the upcoming game was Call of Duty: WW2 Vanguard. But today, the name got updated with a logo that seemingly portrays the word Slipstream.

Everything to know about Call of Duty: Slipstream

While most of the Activision development team still works tirelessly on the betterment of Call of Duty: Warzone, only Sledgehammer is dedicated to the development of the latest title in the Call of Duty franchise.

According to recent leaks, Call of Duty: Slipstream is based on World War 2. Even the revealed logo from Blizzard has the nostalgic tint of old Call of Duty games set in the WW2 backdrop.

The famous zombie mode might also make a comeback in this game. While the devs wish to keep it as close to its predecessors as possible, Sledgehammer might have its own inputs to make the mode unique.

However exciting this news can be for long-time Call of Duty fans, there might be some disappointment at the end of the road. Sources suggest that many unique ideas were brought forward from the Sledgehammer team during development, but Activision mostly refused them.

This game might even be just a rehash of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with World War 2 skins.

That being said, this new update on the store revealing the upcoming Call of Duty title is enormous news.

Since the release of a new COD game has become a yearly deal for Activision, insiders have suggested that the game might come out in November this year.

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