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Completing the Lever Action Rifle challenge in Fortnite

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 30 Dec 2020, 00:00 IST

Fortnite players who manage to deal damage with the Lever Action Rifle will unlock a new Fish Fest emoji.

While the quest itself is rather straightforward, the Lever Action Rifle is currently one of the most unwieldy and low power weapons in Fortnite. Anyone who wants to actually do well with this gun is going to need to change how they approach fights.

Main issues with the Lever Action Rifle in Fortnite

The Lever Action Rifle is a fairly unique weapon in Fortnite meant to harken back to the earliest repeater rifles iconic to the Wild West. These kind of Lever Action Rifles were some of the first widely available guns that could be fired repeatedly without needing to go through a lengthy reloading process.

However, what was once a powerhouse of the west has since become more of a novelty. In Fortnite, mid-range guns are meant to control space, prevent movement, and pressure players attempting to build a defense. These three goals are accomplished in different ways by various guns.

Assault Rifles can lay down a barrage of fire while snipers and hunting rifles can punish players who misstep with a single, high-damage shot.

The Lever Action Rifle doesn’t have the ability to put down nearly as much firepower as an Assault Rifle, and it doesn’t hit as hard as a sniper rifle. As a result, Fortnite players have little reason to pick up one of these guns.

How can Fortnite players make the most out of a Lever Action Rifle?


Because the Lever Action Rifle will struggle to compete with other weapons, it’s best to avoid conflict when trying to deal damage with this gun. To make up for the Lever Action Rifle’s weaknesses, players will need to have good positioning, good mobility, and the ability to frustrate their opponents.

Good positioning is a skill Fortnite players should cultivate whenever possible. Because the Lever Action Rifle is so weak, poor positioning will result in taking significant damage, so players will need to maintain their distance and know how to retreat and punish aggression. The main goal will be to encourage opponents to approach, damage them while they move, and retreat to force them to approach again.

Once they are softened up, the Lever Action Rifle excels (as much as it can excel) at picking off retreating players. The biggest issue with making use of this gun is that it will never be the most optimal choice for any situation in Fortnite.

While it can be fun to try to experiment with something new and see how it can work, it’s not likely that anyone will find the Lever Action Rifle more useful than any other gun currently available in Fortnite.

Published 30 Dec 2020, 00:00 IST
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