Bungie is giving away a brand new Destiny 2 emblem, here's how to get it

Bungie giveaway new emblem (image source via Bungie inc)
Bungie giveaway new emblem (image source via Bungie inc)

Emblems are a prominent feature in Destiny 2 when it comes to the overall aesthetics of a Guardian's inventory. Ranging from common to rare, there are more than 100 emblems in the game.

Emblems have been a part of the game's tradition since Destiny 1, from exclusive rare emblems gifted by Bungie to the most common ones dropping from random chests. Emblems for guardians have always been an eye pleaser, and if the community of Destiny 2 can get their hands on a free emblem before anything else, they couldn't be any happier.

Guardians love to showcase their favorite emblems to their fellow fireteams, clanmates, and the rest of the world. Bungie decided to giveaway a brand new emblem to greet the guardians with a surprise for celebrating the company's 30th anniversary.

The emblem they're giving away is a legendary one called "A Classy Order". It is a red-colored emblem with an authentic and classic Ramen sign from Destiny 2 shop on the Tower. It also has what appears to be Ramen coupons in the background.

The ramen shop in Destiny 2 has always been a fan-favorite. It was rumored to be the kind of dish the vanguard leader Cayde-6 would have gone for. Naturally, the guardians will keep an eye out for this one.

This Emblem was first featured on Bungie's website as a purchasable item for 50$. However, senior community manager Dmg04 tweeted some time ago asking the community not to purchase the emblem as it will be given away for free after some time. He also warned Dataminers not to spoil any pre-releasing content as this was leaked ahead of the announcement.

How to redeem the new Emblem for Destiny 2

Guardians need to head to Bungie's official website and redeem it from there. The redemption code to get this Emblem for free on the Bungie website is:


After redeeming it, Guardians will need to head into the collections section of Destiny 2 and then to the Flair Tab. Inside the Flair, on the very first tab of emblems, the newly redeemed emblem can be found under the "General" section.

All ongoing sessions in-game must be restarted after redeeming the emblem.

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