Does Outlast 2 have multiplayer? Platforms and more explored

Does Outlast 2 have multiplayer? (Image via Red Barrels)
Does Outlast 2 have multiplayer? (Image via Red Barrels)

Outlast Trials, the recently released survival-horror title from critically acclaimed developer Red Barrels, has impressed fans of the horror genre. Despite the game being in "early access," many are claiming that it provides one of the best survival-horror experiences out there.

With chilling horror sequences and an engaging story, this single-player narrative-driven title is a thrill ride. Interestingly, it also comes with exciting co-operative multiplayer game modes, which have truly been a game-changer. Many fans are now wondering whether Red Barrels' previous games, especially the highly beloved Outlast 2, feature similar multiplayer modes.

Outlast 2 does not feature co-op and multiplayer game modes

Unfortunately, the new title is the team's very first attempt at integrating a co-operative multiplayer mode to enhance the survival-horror experience. The previous two games in the franchise, including the first game's DLCs, were strictly single-player and had no option for online multiplayer or co-op.


Outlast Trials is the very first title from Red Barrels to have adopted the co-operative aspect very well, allowing players to share the fantastic survival-horror experience with their friends in its entirety. Multiplayer game modes, especially co-op, rarely work well within the context of a survival-horror game, which usually aim to replicate the feeling of isolation.

Most survival-horror games that include a multiplayer mode keep it separate from the main narrative adventure. Red Barrels was never known for their multiplayer games. Instead, they are renowned as one of the best developers of intense horror experiences, akin to Frictional Games who introduced the Amnesia series.

What platforms is Outlast 2 available on?

Released back in April 27, 2017, Outlast 2 is available on all major gaming platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. Unfortunately, the game does not have a dedicated "next-gen" version akin to Capcom's modern Resident Evil games (Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 remake and Resident Evil 3 remake).


The sequel is basically an upgrade on all fronts, despite the predecessor already being considered by many as the pinnacle of the modern survival-horror experience. From a gripping narrative with multiple twists and turns to vastly improved gameplay mechanics and exploration opportunities — the sequel delivered almost everything that fans asked for, and more.


Although some players had minor issues with the game's rather convoluted storyline, it still ended up being one of the highest rated modern survival-horror games, akin to titles like SOMA, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, and Alien Isolation.

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