DOTA 2 The International 2022: Valve's official ruling on DPC standings rules out Outsiders' direct invite

Outsiders fail to secure a direct invite to TI after a strong showing at the Major (Image via Valve,
Outsiders fail to secure a direct invite to TI after a strong showing at the Major (Image via Valve,

The International (TI) is the most auspicious event of any DOTA 2 player's career, and getting there is a cherished dream.

The recently concluded PGL Arlington DOTA 2 Major saw many teams duke it out to secure direct invites to the crowning annual event. When the dust finally settled, fans had the names of 12 outfits that they thought were going to TI.

We are aware of a discrepancy regarding how the DPC standings are calculated when compared to unofficial sources. The DPC website… reflects the official standings for the 2021-2022 season.

Sadly for one of the teams on the list, there was a discrepancy between how the DOTA Pro Circuit (DPC) standings were calculated and how some unofficial sources had calculated them.

An official ruling from the company ruled out Outsiders from the 12th position and thus from receiving a direct invite to TI.

This is us trying to figure out the math behind the DPC points.Don't panic and stay tuned, Bears!#Dota2 #GOGOVP

This has caused confusion among fans and casual players, many of whom were not aware of the calculation method in place and the precedents behind it.

Fnatic secures a direct invite to DOTA 2 The International 2022 instead of Outsiders

The PGL Arlington DOTA 2 Major was the last Major in the current DPC season and thus the last opportunity for teams to secure the necessary amount of points to score a direct invite.

After qualifying group stage, Outsiders upset Royal Never Give Up 2-0 in Lower Bracket Round 1 before losing to beastcoast 1-2.

WE JUST GOT OUR DIRECT INVITATION TO THE INTERNATIONAL 2022! You could hear us from across the globe yelling "THANK YOU" from the top of our lungs — to our players, fans (and @beastcoast, of course).Hello, Singapore? We would like 5 seats near the Aegis, please#Dota2 #GOGOVP

The community congratulated Outsiders on securing a direct invite to TI 2022 after the DPC rankings on Liquipedia showed that they edged Fnatic out for the 12th spot by a margin of .05. This was confirmed after Fnatic was defeated by beastcoast in the Lower Bracket Round 1.

Once the Major ended, Valve updated the official DPC rankings for this season on their website, and fans began to notice discrepancies in the rankings and points secured. Outsiders were placed at the 13th spot with a total point score of 1019, with Fnatic taking the 12th spot with a point tally of 1020.

@GarethCasts So, I looked at Liquipedia and Valve's numbers. Maybe Valve rounds down the points AFTER EACH penalization.It also would make sense for QC (Soniqs) points being 542 instead of 543.

Players on Twitter and Reddit were quick to discern that Valve does not give any partial DPC points and rather rounds down or truncate any such point to the lower limit. For example, 159.8 becomes 159.

When Outsiders received their point penalties because of roster changes, this is what happened.

u/Critical_Pea_4837 shared a lengthy post on the DOTA 2 subreddit that details the math behind Valve's official DPC standings. The user explained that there were precedents regarding the matter in last year's The International as well.

The matter has been met with both confusing and humorous reactions from fans.

The final list of invited DOTA 2 teams is as follows:

  • beastcoast - South America
  • BOOM Esports - Southeast Asia
  • Evil Geniuses - North America
  • Gaimin Gladiators - Western Europe
  • Fnatic - North America
  • OG - Western Europe
  • PSG.LGD - China
  • Team Aster - China
  • Team Spirit - Eastern Europe
  • Thunder Awaken - South America
  • TSM - North America
  • Tundra Esports - Western Europe
From Regional Qualifier hopefuls to champions at The International in Bucharest — the world got to witness Team Spirit's ascendance play out on Dota's biggest stage. Go behind the scenes for the final battle of that epic coronation in an all-new #TrueSight premiering September 24

This year's TI is set to be the biggest one ever, with 30 DOTA 2 teams fighting it out to earn a place in the Grand Finals and stake a claim to the Aegis of Champions. It will be held in the Garden City of Singapore, marking the first time TI will be hosted in Southeast Asia.

Note - is participating under the name Outsiders due to complications arising after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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