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Dragonball FighterZ threatens rage-quitters with permanent bans

(Image Credit: Nintendo)
(Image Credit: Nintendo)
Modified 04 Sep 2020, 20:29 IST

Fighting games often have to deal with the problems of players rage quitting, a common enough problem that some games have taken harsh measures to tone down the behavior. Dragonball FighterZ might have the harshest penalty now, with permanent bans given to players who rage quit too frequently.

Rage quits in Dragonball FighterZ

The reason rage quitting is more common in fighting games is that most games feature only two players, one of whom will win and one of whom will lose. If losing is something that angers or frustrates you too much then rage quitting might seem like a safe choice.

Additionally, unlike some games, there’s not even a team to convince you to stick it out in Dragonball FighterZ. Overall, it makes rage quitting something that every modern fighting game has to address.

In some games, disconnects and rage quits don’t even penalize you, while simultaneously stripping the win from your opponent. Most games have taken to simply awarding a loss to whoever disconnected, although that occasionally penalizes players who have legitimate reasons for disconnecting, such as power or internet outages.

Still other games solve the issue by putting rage quitters into a special queue that matches them exclusively with other rage quitters, keeping them there until they can prove their ability to take their losses.

Dragonball FighterZ announced that it would continue this by ultimately banning rage quitters from online play altogether in order to improve the play experience for everyone else.


No sympathy for rage quitters

The fighting game community’s culture stemmed not from online play but from in-person play, where rage quitting necessitated having an emotional outburst right next to the person beating you, usually storming off in a huff afterwards. Because of this, rage quitting in the community didn’t usually impact anything, the quitter took the loss and everyone went on with their day.

The move to online, however, turned rage quitting into a way that a losing player could negatively affect their opponent’s results without having to actually win. For Dragonball FighterZ players, this was seen as very unsportsmanlike behavior and something that could result in the player being kicked out from an establishment if they did it too often.

In a recent poll over at EventHubs, players were asked how they felt about Dragonball FighterZ new policy, and an astounding majority supported the permanent ban.

If you’re interested in playing Dragonball FighterZ, just make sure you check your internet settings, and maybe take some time to learn how to lose beforehand.

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Published 04 Sep 2020, 01:56 IST
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