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Drift0r explains cheat that gets Warzone players into bot lobbies

Image Via Drift0r: A new way to bypass SBMM is exposed in Warzone
Image Via Drift0r: A new way to bypass SBMM is exposed in Warzone
Modified 07 Jan 2021, 03:02 IST

According to Drift0r in a recent video, Warzone has yet another problem with players finding easy lobbies, and it's even more effective than the Warzone companion app exploits.

Drift0r recently brought to light a method that allows players to find lobbies far lower in KDR than they should be. He also claimed the method was far worse than the DMR 14 meta that is currently plaguing Warzone. And based on what Drift0r has claimed, it's worse than the companion app too.

According to Drift0r, he did his own tests with the method, and found that two out of every three matches would be "very easy, bot, low-skilled lobbies." That third match out of every three would still be far easier than the games he should be in.

The method essentially bypasses SBMM entirely in Warzone and may even do the opposite. It places great players in lobbies that are at the opposite end of the SBMM spectrum.

Drift0r exposes a way to bypass SBMM in Warzone

Some of the numbers were given by Drift0r, and he was even able to enter a 0.79 KDR lobby in his video. He chased after opponents and didn't stop moving. Even without a care in the world, he was able to get fifth place in the match.

While Drift0r confirmed that the method is real, he refused to give up the secrets on how to do it. He supposedly learned from someone else, and there are really only a handful of people that know how to use the method at this point. However, that doesn't mean it isn't being passed around, and Drift0r doesn't want to ruin Warzone by releasing how to execute the method.


Instead, he gathered all the info and sent over the method to Activision to fix the SBMM bypass. There's no word, though, on when or if the method will be patched out of the game.

Drift0r's exposing of an SBMM bypass isn't the only bad implication for competitive Warzone. There is also controversy currently surrounding the companion app in Warzone.

Essentially, players can go on the app and see their entire lobby stats when they join a match. It's supposed to be a way to combat joining games with hackers or cheaters.

Players used it to find easier lobbies instead and began looking at the average KDR of a lobby. They could then back out and find a new game until the KDR seemed easy enough. All of this is bad news for Kill Races' integrity for Warzone, and many are now disinterested in that scene.

Published 07 Jan 2021, 03:02 IST
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