"Those stats are insane": EA Sports accidentally reveal FIFA 23 FUT World Cup Heroes card details as fans go crazy

There are some true legends in this year's collection in FIFA 23 (Image via EA Sports)
There are some true legends in this year's collection in FIFA 23 (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 is yet to reveal the player details officially, and EA Sports has been busy announcing the comprehensive case of FUT World Cup Heroes, who will appear later in the game. However, rumors on social media suggest that the developers might have accidentally revealed important information about these unique cards. While some of the stats are pretty interesting, it's a curious turn of events that wasn't supposed to happen.

Every year, EA Sports releases special footballer cards that are coveted by players all over the world. Marvel has already collaborated this year with the developers to create unique designs for the FUT World Cup Heroes items. These items will be released later in the year to mark the start of the FIFA World Cup in the last few days. EA Sports have showcased all the different items on social media sequentially. However, an accidental promo showcased more than what the developers would have wanted.

EA Sports will inaugurate the FUT World Cup Heroes cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team when FIFA World Cup goes live

While EA Sports has shown all the player items, they have avoided revealing the details. This has been done deliberately to keep the suspense high among players who would love to discuss all the new additions on social media.

However, the developers seem to have shot themselves in the foot over a PlayStation store promo. They accidentally revealed the card details of all the items as part of the cover poster. This was undoubtedly a mistake as the details would have been revealed earlier with the announcements, which is certainly not the case.

The full list of all the cards (Image via EA Sports)
The full list of all the cards (Image via EA Sports)

Ever since these rumors spread, players have been discussing all the exciting stats and overalls that have been assigned to all these special player items. It should be noted that, since the incident occurred, EA Sports has neither confirmed nor denied it.

FIFA 23 players are advised to wait for the official confirmation as the game hasn't been released yet. There's also a high chance that these stats have been prepared earlier, which could make them subject to changes in the future.


If these stats prove to be true, there will be some fantastic options in the hands of players for their respective Ultimate Teams. Those who have ordered the Ultimate Edition will receive a random FUT World Cup Heroes card on November 11, the likely date for the event going live.

It will be interesting to see how the event will be implemented and how non-owners of the Ultimate Edition will be able to earn these unique cards for their squads in FIFA 23.

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