"Excited to see what the Indian Tekken community has to offer": BIG Sephiblack talks about Fighters Showdown, Tekken 8, and more (Exclusive)

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Sephiblack talks about Fighters Showdown (Image via Sportskeeda)

Among the finest Tekken 7 players from Europe, Arja "Sephiblack" Gamoori stands out for his exceptional dedication and competitive spirit. The German professional has showcased his skill with some unconventional characters, further showing his prowess as a Tekken veteran. After securing a spot in the top five of ICFC and Headstomper, he is prepared to take his Miguel gameplay to a new height in the upcoming Tekken World Tour Master.

Sephiblack expressed his excitement about the Fighters Showdown, 2023, in our exclusive interview. He talks about his expectations from the Indian Tekken community and shares his opinion on Mortal Kombat 1, Tekken 8, and more.

BIG Sephiblack speaks about Indian Tekken community and more

Q. Congratulations on reaching the top 4 of Headstomper 2023. How do you feel about the accomplishment, and how prepared are you for Fighters Showdown?

Sephiblack: Thank you very much.

Although it feels quite good to be in the top 4, I want to perform better and win a tournament in the future.

I'm practicing a lot to win the Fighters Showdown and the upcoming tournaments.

Q. Is this your first time coming to India? And what are your thoughts on the country hosting the Tekken World Tour?

Sephiblack: Yes, it is my first visit to India.

A Masters tournament hosted in India seems like a big opportunity for their community to show off their skills.

I am excited to see what the Indian Tekken community has to offer.

Q. What are your expectations from Fighters Showdown and Tekken players from India? Have you ever played against them?

Sephiblack: I know Loveneet, Tejan, and Rohit, who have performed well at Slash n Dash in the past.

I can imagine that Tekken is very popular in India, and I want to play against more Indian players.

Q. We heard that one of your close companions, Tetsu, is also participating in the Fighters Showdown. Are you excited to face him in the tournament?

Sephiblack: We face each other way too often in tournaments to get excited. He is my main training partner and rival at the same time.

It doesn't matter who is winning. I am happy as long as one of us is successful in tournaments.

Q. Who else would you like to fight against at the Fighters Showdown? Any specific Indian or international player you want to match up with?

Sephiblack: Besides Tejan and Rohin, I want to play against other Indian contestants to figure out their playstyles.

Q. Throughout your Tekken 7 journey, Miguel has been your signature pick. Why did you decide to roll with him in the first place, given that he is a weaker character compared to more dominant picks like Julia / Feng Wei or any character considered Top Tier?


Sephiblack: I've been playing Miguel since Tekken 6. I like the character for his cool and unique personality.

I want to show people that he can be successful at a competitive level.

Although he is a difficult character to play, it's possible to win with him with the right approach.

Q. If Miguel might not make it into the Tekken 8 base roster, do you have any characters on your radar?


Sephiblack: Leroy looks really appealing, and I used to play him in Tekken 7. Also, his new outfit looks great.

Apart from him, I would try out Bryan and Jin for fun.

Q. How do you feel about the new Heat system in Tekken 8? Do you think it will attract newcomers to the title?


Sephiblack: At first glance, it looks very interesting, and I think it will be implemented pretty well in the game.

The possibilities to express oneself in Tekken are cool, and it will be challenging for everyone to use the mechanic properly.

Q. Aside from Tekken 8, how excited are you about the upcoming fighting games such as Project L or Mortal Kombat 1?


Sephiblack: I am very excited about the future of fighting games in general. Overall, their hype and popularity seem to be increasing.

I will definitely try out Project L, but Mortal Kombat 1 isn't my type. Also, I wish to play a new Virtua Fighter in the future.

Q. Which guest character would you like to see in Tekken 8? It can be anyone from other games or movies.


Sephiblack: I wish to see Akira or Goh get added to Tekken 8 since they are my main characters from Virtua Fighter.

Otherwise, I don't mind the franchise since Tekken’s developers know how to create cool characters like Leroy or Negan.

Every character has their own unique design, which makes the franchise so great.

Outside of his busy schedule as a professional player and a Tekken coach, he actively streams on Twitch and posts videos on Youtube. You can also follow him on Twitter to stay updated on his future endeavors.

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