Fall Guys launches for free on Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Gamers overcoming a tough challenge in Fall Guys (Image via Mediatonic)
Gamers overcoming a tough challenge in Fall Guys (Image via Mediatonic)
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Fall Guys has been going strong since its release on the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. This should come as no surprise considering the game falls within the battle royale genre. However, developer Mediatonic captured lightning in a bottle with its interesting take on the genre.

Rather than having players eliminate other participants with guns and superior building (as people do in Fortnite), players are instead tasked with overcoming challenging obstacles that test their platforming skills. The game adds an additional layer of difficulty and unpredictability by making players control bean-shaped creatures that have less-than-ideal physics.

The game has grown in popularity, and the developers have added variety with updates and new content. Now, after being purchased by Epic Games, the game is adopting a free-to-play model. In addition to a major change in the pricing, Fall Guys will now be available on more platforms.

Fall Guys launches on every major platform as a free-to-play title

Free for All is HERE! You can now play our biggest update in HISTORY for free, on any platform!Dive into our Season Pass which is jam-packed with cosmetics. Every player gets access to 50 levels - and if you're a legacy player, you get the whole thing!HAPPY FALLING ❀️

Of course, the biggest upset was the switch from Steam to the Epic Games Store. This means that Fall Guys will stay on PC but won’t be available for download on Steam. However, Steam users who purchased the game before will still retain their copy of the game.

Originally, the game was also limited to PC and PlayStation consoles. That is no longer the case, though it will go from $20 to free. It will now also appear on the Microsoft Store on Xbox consoles such as:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox Series S

Xbox owners will be able to search for the game in the Microsoft Store (provided they have internet access) and download the game straight to their console. And yes, it will still be free.


Nintendo fans were not excluded from the new release of Fall Guys either. Starting June 21, 2022, Nintendo Switch owners will finally have access to the game.

The most exciting news of all is the release of crossplay and cross-progression. Crossplay is available right from the start, though fans do have the option of turning it off in the menu. More importantly, cross-progression allows for a player’s progress to be tracked and updated across devices. For example, if players purchase an outfit while playing the PS5 version, it will cross over to the PC version, provided they have their Epic Games account linked.

Fall Guys is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Epic Games) starting June 21, 2022. Season 1: Free For All will also begin on the same day.

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