Fallout 5 confirmed to be coming after The Elder Scrolls 6, likely not releasing this decade

Fallout 5 is coming, just not in this decade (Image via Bethesda)
Fallout 5 is coming, just not in this decade (Image via Bethesda)

While Bethesda is getting ready to launch Starfield next year, many fans of the studio’s already established RPG franchises have been yearning for news about Fallout 5 and The Elder Scrolls 6.

In a recent interview with IGN following the gameplay reveal of Starfield, Bethesda’s Todd Howard opened up about the studio’s future projects, including the much-awaited Fallout title.

It has been nearly six years since the last single-player Fallout came out and roughly four years since Fallout 76. Naturally, fans of the post-apocalyptic RPG series from Bethesda have been yearning for any news about the next Fallout game in the studio’s pipeline.

However, as it seems from Howard’s interview, Fallout 5 will go into active development after The Elder Scroll 6’s release. With the upcoming Elder Scrolls title in the pre-production stage, even the most optimistic fans don’t see it releasing before 2026. That naturally pushes the potential release window of the next Fallout title to the 2030s.

Bethesda confirms Fallout 5 to be the next game they would be working on after The Elder Scrolls 6

Speaking about future projects from Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard stated,

“Yes, Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production and, you know, we’re going to be doing Fallout 5 after that, so our slate’s pretty full going forward for a while. We have some other projects that we look at from time to time as well.”

This is not the first time Todd Howard has talked about the future of the Fallout series. In an interview last year, speaking about whether they wanted to delegate a Fallout project to another studio as they did to Obsidian Entertainment in the case of Fallout: New Vegas, Howard mentioned,

“Fallout's really part of our DNA here. We've worked with other [developers] from time to time – I can't say what's gonna happen."

It seems that Bethesda intends to keep the Fallout series in-house. However, with Bethesda and Obisidian currently under the Xbox stable, it seems increasingly likely that Xbox would make Obsidian step in to develop an interim Fallout title. This February, there was a rumor that Fallout New Vegas 2 is currently at work in Obsidian.

It remains to be seen whether there’s any legitimacy to the Fallout New Vegas 2 claims, but fans can count on Fallout 5 coming at some point after Bethesda pushes Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 out of the door.