FaZe Banks posts clips of huge New Year's Eve party with no one wearing a mask

Image via FaZe Clan
Image via FaZe Clan
Joey Carr
Modified 04 Jan 2021

Richard "FaZe Banks" Bengston is in some hot water right now, as he posted several clips of his New Years Eve party that didn't feature a single mask or form of protection from COVID-19.

The world is slowly getting back to normal here in 2021. While coronavirus is still present as ever and some of the issues 2020 introduced are lingering, people are beginning to see what normal is again.

However, this doesn't mean that all forms of caution and safety can be thrown out the window. That's exactly how the world stays in its current state. While most of the planet is doing their part to try and eliminate COVID-19, FaZe Banks and his friends had other plans on New Years Eve.

FaZe Banks throws huge New Years Eve part, doesn't wear a mask

The subject of people wearing masks has been ongoing since COVID-19 first hit back in March of 2020. The main argument is that masks, when worn correctly, have been proven to stop the spread of the virus. Also, they don't truly impose any kind of major complication with people living their every day lives.

For these reasons, many people decide to wear them to avoid getting sick or getting others sick. However, FaZe Banks and his friends seemed to have other ideas this past weekend.

At a New Years Eve party, Banks decided to post dozens of clips to Instagram showing off the night's events and his friends. The party seemed to take place in a club of some sort and there were hundreds of people in close proximity to each other. As one might expect, not a single person was seen wearing a mask.

The dozens of clips leave no doubt as to the nature of the New Years Eve party. People wanted to have a good time and masks are not usually part of that equation. What makes the situation even more peculiar though is that FaZe Banks has been a proponent for wearing a mask and stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Image via Slasher/FaZe Banks
Image via Slasher/FaZe Banks

Perhaps FaZe Banks and his friends thought that since 2021 is here, coronavirus will simply stay in 2020. However, that couldn't be further from the truth and the world needs huge personalities like Banks to set an example for their viewers/fans.

The world won't fully get back to normal until its inhabitants begin taking the situation at hand seriously.

Published 04 Jan 2021
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