FC 24 Foundations 2 SBC - How to complete, cheapest solutions, and more

The core challenges should be completed by all FC 24 players (Image via EA Sports)
The core challenges should be completed by all FC 24 players (Image via EA Sports)

The Squad Building Challenge of FC 24 is now available for all players with the web app, with Foundations 2 SBC being one of the first ones they must complete. The challenge might be basic in nature, but it is important due to the changes EA Sports has made to Ultimate Team. As always, there will be different ways of approaching the challenge and completing it at minimal costs.

The main task is to estimate the cards required to complete all the tasks. This can be best done by understanding the stipulation of every task and which cards will be best suited for it.

Since it's just the start of FC 24, it is advised to complete the challenge with cards you might already have from the first packs you opened in the game.

Completing Foundations 2 SBC is fairly easy in FC 24

To access the Foundations 2 SBC, you'll have to complete Foundations 1. This is mandatory, with four separate tasks as part of the second group. Each of them has only one set of stipulations, and you should be able to complete it using cards available from the starter pack.


Challenge 1 - All About the OVR

  • Minimum 2 Common Players
  • Minimum 2 Players with Max 80 Overall
  • No. of Players: Exactly 2

Challenge 2 - A Quality Trade

  • Maximum 1 Rare Player
  • No. of Players: Exactly 2

Challenge 3 - A True National

  • Minimum 2 Common Players
  • Exactly 3 Players from the same Nation
  • Number of players in the squad: 3

Challenge 4 - Bring it All Together Now

  • Maximum 2 Rare Players
  • Maximum Team Rating: 90
  • Exactly 4 players from the same nation
  • Number of players in the squad: 4

The cheapest possible cost should be 0 coins - if you strategize a little, you should be able to get all the fodder. As said earlier, Foundations 2 SBC can only be accessed if you complete the first set, which should reward you with enough Bronze fodder packs to help with these tasks.


You will get four more packs by completing the entire set, along with a group reward pack. Since this is one of the basic challenges, the set will never expire in EA FC 24.