EA FC 24 early access release date and time across all regions confirmed

EA FC 24
EA FC 24's early access date is close (Image via EA Sports)

EA FC 24's release date is close to arrival based on the schedule confirmed by EA Sports. Notably, early access will be available to players who have purchased the Ultimate Edition. Similarly, those who choose to play the EA Play trial can start their journeys at the same time. So far, EA Sports has confirmed plenty of important details to guide potential buyers regarding availability and start times.

EA FC 24 is currently available for pre-download on both consoles and PCs, and players can get the full game ahead of the early access. However, the launch schedule will slightly differ based on each platform.

EA FC 24 PC early access release date and time

The early access for PC will be available either on September 21 or 22, depending on the player's region. EA Sports has already made the schedule public on sites like Steam, one of the many available sources for EA FC 24.

The early access will commence at 5 am UK time on September 22, while the Indian playerbase can start the journey starting 9:30 am on the same day. Players on the eastern side of the US coast can get access at 00:00 am on September 22, while those in the west can enjoy it at 9 pm PST on September 21.

In Brazil, early access will kick off at 1:00 am on September 22, while Australians can dive in at 2 pm. Unlike the consoles, the PC release will take place simultaneously across all regions. Hence, some of the timings might seem really odd.

Do note that the timings and date will remain the same regardless of whether someone is enjoying Ultimate Edition or the EA Play trial. Unlike the Ultimate Edition, however, the EA Play trial will be limited to a maximum of 10 gameplay hours.

EA FC 24 early access console release date and time

Unlike PC players, the console launch will be available at midnight in respective regions. This has been the pattern for the last few years, and the schedule will likely stay the same.


This will also be followed by both PlayStation and Xbox and applicable to old and current-gen consoles. Any console user with access to EA Play will be able to commence their journeys when EA FC 24 becomes available for Ultimate Edition owners.

Do note that the launch schedule of could be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, so readers are advised to follow Sportskeeda and EA Sports for all the latest and updated news.