FIFA 23 World Cup mode goes live for PS5 after accessibility ‘glitch’

The glitch has shown something that
The glitch has shown something that's yet to arrive officially (Images via EA Sports)

Fans have eagerly awaited the World Cup mode in FIFA 23 since the game was released. It now appears that the mode has already become accessible on PS5 consoles thanks to a major glitch. News about this has filled social media as players have been able to get a glimpse of what's to come.

This comes in the wake of EA Sports officially confirming that there will be men's and women's World Cup modes, which will be accessible to everyone when they go live and won't cost anything extra. Whether this is the content that has become accessible isn't confirmed. However, the WC mode's early access has generated excitement as relevant clips show what will be available in the future.

FIFA 23 dedicated World Cup mode seems to have social aspect like the Ultimate Team

On October 12, social media suddenly flooded following the daily content's release. While there are plenty of new things for players to be interested in, what has appeared out of the blue moon is the World Cup mode. This development almost confirms that it is closer to being available than the other way around.

It seems that the dedicated FIFA 23 game mode will have different options for players. For one thing, it will likely feature both single and multiplayer matches. Based on the leaked clips, players will be able to take over any nation participating in this year's international event and rewrite history.

Additionally, gamers will also be able to enjoy different matches and scenarios and try to give them a twist. They can play against friends locally or face AI if they want. Relevant clips clearly show the presence of online modes, so players will likely be able to play alone or with others. This seems like an interesting addition to FIFA 23 if it turns out to be true.

The last time there was a FIFA World Cup, FIFA 18 got free DLC content. That seems much more shallow than what EA Sports has now planned for this year's release.

Players are advised not to try unlocking the game mode as there's a lack of stability, and it even shows data corruption in one of the clips. The mode available due to the glitch might be a part of what's to come, and trying to access it now can damage in-game data. This is why readers are requested to wait for its official release, which will likely happen before the FIFA World Cup commences in Qatar.