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Fortnite Champion Series second qualifier breakdown, new points record set

(Image via Epic Games) The second Fortnite Champion Series qualifier has finished
(Image via Epic Games) The second Fortnite Champion Series qualifier has finished
Modified 24 Feb 2021

The second stage of the Fortnite Champion Series wrapped up last weekend, and once again, the data shows some unique information.

For this qualifier, the highest accumulated points has increased, with DeRoller, Klass, and Co1azo earning 233 points on the North America East server, beating Clix, Bugha, and Bizzle’s 208 points from last week. For DeRoller, Klass, and Co1azo this week was a marked increase, moving from an 18th place finish on the North America East server to a first place finish with the highest score in the world.

Top performers in the Fortnite Champion Series’ second qualifier

For the second qualifier in a row, the North America East server had the highest overall score. Outside of NA-East, the top scores seem to have changed very little, with the notable exception of the European server, which dropped more than 50 points from the previous week. The top scoring teams in the second qualifier of the Fortnite Champion Series are:

  • Asia - しゅんしゃんだ, LBR りる, LBR やま, 174 points
  • Oceania - noob jynx, wavyalecc, PWR worthy, 172 points
  • Middle East - KuKi ӝ, Falcon Phantom., GXR Nyle77, 185 points
  • Europe - TrainH Skite, TrаinH Fаlconly, Grizi Robabz, 138 points
  • Brazil - LOUD Lasers, Noble DMD, Filipe Malone, 212 points
  • North America East - DeRoller., Klaѕѕ, Co1azo, 233 points
  • North America West - 100T Arkhram., 100T rehx, NRG EpikWhale, 208 points

Most of these teams hold their server’s record for highest average eliminations and best average place, with the exception of the European and Middle Eastern teams. On the Middle East server, the top team has just the highest average eliminations, with placement going to the second place team. The European server’s top team had their server’s best average place, while the highest eliminations went to their 6th place team.

These results provide further evidence supporting the idea that this Fortnite Champion Series is going to end up with much less varied games, as the team format effectively levels the playing field.

One worrying trend in the Fortnite Champion Series


Currently, the biggest worry qualified competitors are going to want to address is the way that decreased randomness will affect their final performance in the finals. With how consistent these games have been, and how dominant the top teams are, it’s likely that the finals for this season’s Fortnite Champion Series will be decided before they begin.

Fortnite has always had some element of randomness, and qualified players can at least study up on the competition and hope to counter their strategies. But, with such safe and consistent gameplay, it will likely be an uphill battle.

Published 24 Feb 2021, 01:38 IST
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