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Fortnite: Early rumors suggest next season will be a “DC Season”

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 31 Aug 2020, 03:14 IST

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is out but rumors are already circulating that this season will be followed up with a “DC Season”. Although these rumors are coming way too soon to be taken seriously, it does raise certain questions about the current state of Fortnite.

Fortnite; Marvel and DC’s new battleground

Marvel and DC have been rivals since the Golden Age of Comics. With each group struggling to outperform the other, Marvel and DC have ended up with so much in common. Although they might have different methods, they generally trend towards the same goals.

And when it comes to Fortnite, it seems both companies are eager for a shot at the spotlight. The last season of Fortnite heavily featured Aquaman, modeled off of actor Jason Mamoa, as a central figure in the events of Fortnite Season 3’s Splashdown event. The end of that season even featured Atlantis becoming a playable POI on the map.

However, compared to how heavily Marvel has been integrated into Fortnite both thematically and narratively, Aquaman of last season seems like little more than a cameo.

Could Marvel’s season in Fortnite be a result of their rivalry?


Marvel may have been inspired to aggressively push their content into Fortnite in order to one-up DC, and if that’s the case then it’s pretty easy to say they achieved their goal. Additionally, it could be understood if DC wanted to take a chance to hit back by monopolizing another season of Fortnite with their own content in an effort to outdo them.

But as these companies fight for attention through Fortnite we have to ask, how is this affecting the game?

Is Fortnite its own IP or just an extension of Marvel/DC?

Players who fell in love with Fortnite usually stuck with the game for its unique blend of action, strategy, and friendly toy aesthetic. In fact, the game in particular seems designed to be safe and fun for children of a certain age.

These demographics are often the same ones targeted by comic books and superhero content, which is perhaps why the likes of Marvel and DC are eager for a partnership. But ultimately, Fortnite can only be harmed by having its unique identity absorbed into the wider comic-verse.

Even if there are a few DC characters in the game already, and perhaps a few more hidden away, it would be hard to imagine that this current business model could be sustainable for Fortnite.

Published 31 Aug 2020, 03:14 IST
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