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Fortnite: Everything you need to know about the Sniper Shootout LTM

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 14 Jul 2020

Hot on the heels of the Close Encounters LTM comes its natural opposite in the Summer Splash event. This time around the Fortnite LTM is Sniper Shootout, and players are eager to test their skill with some of the biggest guns in Fortnite.

Fortnite Sniper Shootout game mode info

This LTM limits players only to those weapons which use the bullet drop mechanic, which includes the heavy sniper, bolt action sniper, semi-automatic sniper, and hunting rifle. Because players lack hitscan weapons, scoring hits is going to require more work than usual for a Fortnite game.

In addition to this challenge, the game mode brings with it a few other changes. Floor loot and resources are both reduced, making every action count more. Also, players will be eliminated without getting knocked down, and their locations will be revealed on the map whenever they fire, both of which will encourage more cautious gameplay.

If Fortnite players are eager to take on the challenge of playing an all snipers game mode, they’ll be able to join up with a friend and go in as a duo to try their luck.

Sniper Shootout - Offense


Offense in Fortnite is usually characterized by attempting to close the distance between you and your opponent while using builds to protect yourself and eventually pin down your opponent so that you can eliminate them. However, in this LTM the resource reduction and presence of heavy hitting long range weapons means that this approach is incredibly risky with minimal payoff. Therefore, offense is going to rely on different skills altogether.

The biggest way to secure a kill on offense will be to fire from a hidden position and attempt to eliminate a player before they have a chance to return fire. A skilled player may be able to do this fairly consistently, especially if both members of the duo hit simultaneously, but more than likely a single hit will miss or fail to kill, allowing your opponent to build. If this happens, the aggressive player will be expected to move, forcing their target to retreat or defend. If they retreat, simply take the better positioning, if they defend, then the offensive duo should attempt to secure another hit to close out the fight.

Sniper Shootout - Defense

Defense in Fortnite is usually more about mobility and good building, but in Sniper Shootout it will be characterized more by building a defensible location and firing quickly without taking return fire. This is easier said than done, however.

With everyone using snipers, positioning is going to determine which player is the natural defender. Good positioning will depend on height, natural obstacles, and storm movement, and the player with superior positioning will be under no obligation to move. This is important because moving will take a lot of resources to be done safely, or put players at risk. Defensive Fortnite players should make positioning their number one priority in this LTM.

Published 14 Jul 2020, 20:16 IST
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