Fortnite player stabs couple to death in Netherlands; blames game for actions

Image Credits: BBC
Image Credits: BBC

In a ghastly incident, a 34-year old suspect accused of stabbing a couple to death in a cinema has told a judge that, as a result of his delusions, he believed he was playing the popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite.

As reported by The Sun, the suspect, Ergun S, tried to justify his actions by saying that he believed he was in Fortnite and had to protect his daughter from being kidnapped by 'aliens' who wanted to take her away to the North Pole.

The incident took place last year at a cinema in Groningen, and according to experts, he has schizophrenia and was reportedly also put on medication, but refused the same.

'Felt like a character in Fortnite': Accused attempts to justify actions

According to a report in the Netherlands Times, the accused recently appeared before the court and spoke about his mental illness and delusionary episodes, which led him to think that sometimes he was in Fortnite.

Hence, experts at the Pieter Baan psychiatric clinic are expected to argue that the accused was in a state of psychosis. Therefore, he is not to be held accountable for his actions.

Ergun stated that he went to Groningen to look for his daughter and believed that he was in telepathic contact with her. However, those thoughts eventually grew more dangerous and consumed him to the point where he started having visions of his daughter getting kidnapped by troops and being abducted by supernatural beings.

It is also reported that when arrested, he had wrapped himself in foil, which was to serve as his superhero suit, and had armed himself with laughing gas cartridges. He was arrested last year for stabbing Marnus and Gina, a couple from Slochteren, at the Pathe Cinema in Groningen.

Tributes being paid to the slain couple, outside Pathe Cinema (Image Credits: The Sun)
Tributes being paid to the slain couple, outside Pathe Cinema (Image Credits: The Sun)

This incident can be traced back to reports which have condemned Fortnite for allegedly perpetrating violence, on account of downplaying the fact that its cartoonish violence tends to glorify weapons such as Assault Rifles and grenades, which are easily accessible.

Moreover, Fortnite is one of the most popular games globally, with millions of active players across the globe. This has led to concerns from parents about the perils of video game addiction and the possible consequences in the long run.

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